Write For Us

Currently We accept guest post on our review website ThankYourBaby.com – If you are interested to contribute on our blog. Please send you article to tungnbs@iduhocuc.com

Article Quality Guidelines

  • Your article must be original. We do not accept any previously published content.
  • We love “How to post related articles”
  • Direct link to affiliate links or any kind of advertisement  will not be accepted.
  • A lot of related photos, info-graphics, original videos and illustrations that relate to the topic.
  • You will get one do-follow link.
  • Your article should be at-least 1000 words unique.

Once you prepare the article send it to our email mentioned above and we will publish your post. This is 100% free guest post. We don’t charge anything from you. We need only high quality articles. That’s it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Write for Us

Questions: How do I write for ThankYourBaby.com ?
Answer: We encourage creating content on something you are interested in and now you want to let people know about. You can do research to make your content better.

Questions: Do I need to have professional writing experience?
Answer: No, you don’t. All you need is to be good with your words and add unique value to our website with your content.
Questions: can I write anonymously?
Answer: No, unfortunately you can’t. We ask to our guest writers to promote their content and create their own brand value. But in certain cases, you can use a Pseudonym that doesn’t contain your name in it.
Questions: Do I need to pay money for publishing my article?
Answer: We prefer adding value for our readers rather that generating income through our guest posting opportunity. So you don’t have to pay anything as long as your piece is unique enough.

If you have anymore query, feel free to Contact Us or send an email to tungnbs@iduhocuc.com