13 Ways On How To Keep Baby Cool in Car Seat – Tips And Products To Keep Car Seat Cool

13 Ways On How To Keep Baby Cool in Car Seat – Tips And Products To Keep Car Seat Cool

Summer is almost there and that means we will cope with high temperatures. For the adults that shouldn’t be problem, but what about the babies? Older kids can communicate if they are too hot, but the little ones unfortunately can’t.

It can be a real problem, especially when they are in a car seat. That is why we prepared in this article some good advices how to keep baby cool in car seat. We believe at least some of them will make your life easier in summer days.

Tips and products to keep baby cool in car seat

First thing you should think about when choosing a way how to keep baby cool in car seat is to find the balance between safety and temperature. For example, you can use a fan, but it can be a projectile in an accident. Lower profile car seat can be a good solution, but it isn’t so safe. So what are the options then?

1. Light colored car seat

One of the options is to choose light colored car seat. First we were suspicious about this option, but when we tried this, it became one of our favorites. So, in case the car seat you like has a lighter option, you should definitely choose it. It’s a truth it won’t be easy to keep it clean but your little one will be definitely saved some precious degrees of comfort.

2. Pre-cool the car

This option won’t work on every place because it isn’t safe to leave a car on and unattended in some neighborhoods, but you can do this at least at home if you have the conditions to turn the car on and blast the air for a couple of minutes. This will make your ride much pleasant.

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3. Ice packs

Even if the car is pre-cooled, it can sometimes happen that car seat stays little warm. In that case a good solution could be ice packs. These products can be taken frozen in the car and left in the seat while you are out, but

4.  Seat cover

In case you have already bought a dark colored car seat, you can use a seat cover. Believe it or not, it really makes a big difference in how much heat is absorbed by car seat and as a result your little one will be cooler. You are probably aware that they won’t stay forever. In case you are crafty, you can use patterns to make your own or simply toss a few icepacks randomly without a fancy pouch. As an alternative to seat cover you can put a towel over it and protect it, too.

5. Cool drinks

It is recommended to offer you baby a water before and after a trip because that can make a big difference in its body temperature. On the other hand, cups can be a dangerous projectiles in car accidents and you should always secure the cup before leaving it in the backseat or have some adult in the back to hang on to it and offer a water to a baby from time to time.

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6. Travel in the morning or the evening

If there is any possibility, it is good to plan your trip when it is coolest outside. In case you need to go out in the heat of the day, you should try to find covered parking or spots in the shade even if you will have to walk longer to your destination.

7. Light kids’ clothing

Always choose light clothes for your little one for warm summer days especially if you are planning a long trip. In case you have to go somewhere nicer and dress your kid in heavier clothes, it is good to strip its bottoms off before buckling it in. Choosing this kind of clothes or removing a layer can keep your baby cool for a long time.

8. Darken car windows

In case your car windows are constantly exposed to sun rays the good solution to keep your baby cool is to tint the windows or use static cling temporary shades. This type of car shades is safer than the other windows shades because the others can dislodge and become a projectile in a car accident. In this way you will keep the sun out and the temperature down.

9. Have an adult to cool a baby

One of the alternatives in case nothing else works is to have some adult at the backseat to manually fan the baby. In that way your kid will be distracted and cool and there can be avoided water spilling.

10. Open all windows when you turn on the car

This action is very important especially if you are planning to turn on the A/C because if you get into heated car there can be released harmful chemical bacterial. Even if some people say this is not necessary, it is always better to be safe than sorry. One more benefit is that you will allow a heat to escape and help the A/C to cool the car much faster.

11. A noggle

A noggle is an attachment that goes from A/C in order to vent the car seat. You can use it for forward and rear facing.

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12. Cooling towel

This option can be useful when wearing a baby but also when you have a baby in a car seat. What you need to do is to wet the towel, twist it in order to remove excess water and it will cool a baby without making it wet. You can put it on the top of baby’s hips and legs so it won’t chew on this.

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13. Car seat cooler

Even if this piece of fabric looks simple, it can make your life easier. So how it works? This invention has little holes where you slip ice packs in. So all you have to do is to put the ice packs in the holes, roll it up and then put it in the freezer to be there overnight. Tomorrow you can place it over car seat.

Final Thoughts

Summer days are maybe the hardest for babies. It can be especially a trouble when you put them to warm car seat. The most important thing when choosing the best option how to keep baby cool in car seat is to find a balance between safety and temperature. A good ways to keep your baby cool are: light colored car seat, pre-cool the car, ice packs, seat cover, cool drinks, try to choose travel in the morning, choose light kids clothing, have an adult to cool a baby, a noggle or cooling towel. We hope some of these tips will be good for your little one and help you joy this summer.