How To Child Proof Door Handle Lever

How To Child Proof Door Handle Lever

( – The part of your home that will be one of the favorite destinations of your little one when it starts exploring adventure will definitely be the doors.  It will have super fun while swinging the doors back and forth and appearing and disappearing behind them. Having on mind the fact that doors are in constant motion, there is a great possibility to come to hazards like knocking, bumping or jamming its little fingers.

You can find on the market a large range of products that can keep your kid far from the doors. The question is how to choose the appropriate mechanism as there are also many different types of doors. In this guide we will help you find the most effective ways to child proof door handle lever.

Things to consider when choosing the way to child proof door handle lever

Besides the fact that there are so many different products to child proof door handle lever and so many different doors, what also makes the choice more difficult are your and your kid’s habits. In order to make your choice easier we recommend you to consider some key points that most of the parents overlook.

  • First thing you should pay attention to is checking if the mechanism is simple enough for you to open and seal the doors without effort when you have some urgent situation.
  • What you also can’t forget is the fact that your kid will develop fast in the first five years of its life and there is possibility to figure out how the mechanism works. For the case that happens, don’t let that discourage you, try some other way to child proof handle lever.

Products to child proof door handle lever

You can find on the market a great number of products that can help you child proof door handle lever. There are also alternatives to those products and DIY solutions. We will review them in this section by categories.

 Lever handle door locks

Door with a door leaver are easier to open than the other doors because all they have to do is to use their weight to pull down the lever to discover what behind the door is. Some of the solutions to this problem are the lever handle door locks. Thanks to an adhesive tape they secure the door lever and fit the cover over it.

They come with screws that have a function to fix the cover to the door for the case you are looking for some sturdier solution. The disadvantage of using screws is that you will have holes in your door when it comes the time you won’t  have to child proof door handle lever any more.

KidCo Door Lever Lock

Image 1: How to child proof door handle lever

Of all the products we tested for this category of child proof door handle lever products, this one seem to be the most transparent representative.

This plastic door lock works in a way to close the door on one side and allow the access from the other side. It fits over the existing lock and handle and is pretty easy to set up and you won’t need additional tools. This lever lock also includes an automatic reset after each use.

When it comes to style, you can choose between white or clear color.

Even if this is one of the best sold lever handle door locks, we can’t neglect the fact that there are also a lot of parent reviews telling that their kids figured out for the short time how the mechanism works.

Round door knob locks and covers

Round door knob locks and covers work in a similar way to the previous category. They also fit over the existing door lever.  The main feature of these products is that they are difficult for children to operate, but not for the parents.  There are many different products in this category with different methods to child proof door handle lever.

This could be a good solution if your little one enjoys opening and closing the door or banging the door. Majority of them are based on parts that have to be pressed down upon so you could turn the knob. That is why your kid will need more time to figure out how this mechanism works and even if it figures out, it will need larger hands to unlock the mechanism.

You can find these safety products in many different designs. There are models with outsized grip design that requires big hands to open it or products based on spinning around if your little one tries to unlock them.

KidCo Door Knob Lock

Image 2: How to child proof door handle lever

As all the products from this category, this one is easy for parents to use it and set it up without additional tools, but not easy for a baby to figure out how it works. All you have to do is to snap the two pieces of this knob lock together over it, so you can be sure that your explorer won’t be able to turn it with its little hands. Thanks to hinged port in the middle you will be provided an access to keyholes.

According to test we made with this product, there is a possibility that a kid separates the two halves of the knob lock, so our recommendation is to improve the mechanism using strong glue on the tabs in order to keep the cover intact. When doing this be careful not to put much glue because you won’t be able to remove the cover later.

Alternative to child proof door handle lever

We met you with the category products directly connected with a door handle lever. If you feel they aren’t what you need, we prepared for you an alternative that has the same function, just works in different way.

What can make you choose the alternative? Well, if your kid manages to unlock some of the products for child proof handle lever, there is possibility to jam its little fingers in hinged doors. In comparison to previous product family, there is a pinch guard that not only prevents the little fingers from jamming, slumming when a kid shuts the door hard, but also can be put high enough that a kid can’t reach it.

This child proof product is made out of foam or plastics in shape of the U letter. The result of our test showed pinch guard is very reliable and effectively stops the doors from closing. Remember that pinch guard will not totally stop the door from closing.

Thanks to U shape, pinch guard cans sit on both sides of the door and can clip in easy way around the hinged side or

The U piece is designed to sits on both sides of the door. It easily clips around the locked or hinged side and protect your little one from finger injures.

Door Monkey Door Lock and Pinch Guard

image 3 : How to child proof door handle lever

Here is the one pinch guard model portable and easy to remove, so it will be of the great help during the visits to the grandma’s home.

This child proof door handle lever replacement got the name Door Monkey because of the “monkey tail” part that has a function to hold the door in place.

That piece of foam isn’t able to prevent the door from completely closing as it leaves a small gap between the door jamb and the door itself allowing in the same time the air to circulate between rooms and helping to maintain a pleasant temperature when heating and cooling. Considering that, this product isn’t convenient for the front and back doors, but could be a good solution to the doors positioned on passages through the house.

Thanks to its unique design and the adjustable height, the Door Monkey is applicable to all types of doors and is able in the same time to clamp to the edge of the door in seconds. One more, good thing about this product is automatic locking when the door is closed securing the door in the same time in a partially cracked position.

Besides the child proofing function, it can also work for pets.

DIY Solutions

There is a fact that children grow fast in the first five years and that will soon come the time when you won’t have to child proof door handle lever any more. For the case you have a limited budget that you need for some other things, don’t worry. There is always DIY solution made from ordinary house hold items.

We prepared for you two easy to set up DIY hacks that can be a good alternative to the child proof door handle lever products.

An old cloth to child proof door handle lever

Things you need

For this DIY hack you won’t need any additional tools, just your hands and some old cloth.

   How to set it up?

All you will have to do is to close the door and put the cloth between the door and the door frame. It is important to place the cloth on the same side as the door handle and to check if the door is fully closed.

Always test the door by turning the handle and try to open them a couple times. If everything is set fine, the door must stay shut without making a special effort, just little stronger than your little one can exert.

For the case you notice that the cloth starts loosing, all you have to do is to fold it. Don’t stop folding till being sure it is thick enough to keep the door closed. One more important thing you should pay attention to is to position the cloth high enough where your little explorer won’t be able to reach it.

 An old towel instead of the pinch guard

 Things you need

In order to make this DIY hack work you will need two things: an old towel and a masking tape.

 How to set it up?

You will help little more effort than for the previous cloth hack. The towel must be placed across the top of the door, but closer to the hinged side. It has to be placed in a way to leave the door closed most of the way, but in the same time make them distanced enough to avoid hurting your baby’s little fingers.

If you notice that the distance is bad, you can adjust it by simply moving the towel further along in order to get the most suitable thickness. For the case the towel is hanging too long so your toddler can reach it and pull it off, just cut the towel to the appropriate length.

What to do with the masking tape? Its function is to prevent the towel from falling off. That can be achieved by securing the corners of the towel to the door with the tape.

Can you use some other kind of tape? Well, the masking tape can be replaced with some other tape type, but in that case you should check that it won’t peel of paint when it comes the time to remove your patent.

In order to avoid this invention look disharmonized with the interior design we recommend you to choose some towel that matches the door color.


You can find on the market a great variety of products for the child proof door handle lever. Besides the two categories of those products: lever handle door locks and round door knob locks there are also alternatives like pinch guards or DIY solutions.

Which one will be the best for you, depends on the situation in your home. Some of those products have a function to stop the kid from playing with the door, while the others keep the doors closed.

Before you make the final decision about which of these products you will choose, you should ask yourself two questions: “Is the mechanism is simple enough for me to set it up and handle it?” and “Is the mechanism complicate enough for my kid to figure out how it works?” If the answer to these two questions is “Yes”, than that could be the thing you need.