How To Choose The Best Menstrual Cup For Heavy Period

How To Choose The Best Menstrual Cup For Heavy Period

Menstrual products have come a long way, from the days when women used rags, then graduated to cotton wools, then thick layered pads, the tampons and now finally the menstrual cap.

The popularity of the menstrual cup is rising and more brands are introducing varieties and models of this feminine hygiene product. With the increasing amount menstrual cups available on the market, it is definitely not easy sifting through the hundreds of brands out there to find the ideal one for you.

To help you make an educated choice, we have a list of the 5 best menstrual cups for a heavy period.  This list consists of extensive reviews of the top brands featuring useful details to help you understand.

Reviews of Top 5 Best Menstrual Cups

 #1  The Diva Cup

Best Menstrual Cups: The Diva Cup

Our rating: 

This Canadian made menstrual cup is definitely the most popular in the United States. It really lives up to its raving reviews and everything they say about its good quality is absolutely true. Made from 100% medical-grade silicon, the Diva cup is also available in size 1 and 2 models.

The size1 model is smaller and ideal for women under the age of 30 or those who haven’t given birth yet. Size 2, on the other hand, is for women who have had a vaginal birth and those over 30 years of age even if they haven’t given birth yet.

Another reason why this award-winning menstrual cup is so popular is that despite its quality it is very affordable and makes it easy for those who want to try the cup for the first time, but wouldn’t want to spend more.

  • Available in 2 models one for heavy flows and another for light ones
  • Can be used even when wearing an IUD
  • No leakages, no odor
  • Great quality and affordable price
  • Free cotton carry bag
  • A hollow stem that is a little difficult to clean
  • Staining over time on the clear silicon stem
  • Uncomfortable during extraction

 #2  Lunette Menstrual Cup

Best Menstrual Cups: Lunette Menstrual Cup

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This is the best smaller-sized menstrual cup in the market since 2004 when it was first manufactured in Finland. It is “V” shape, made from silky medical-grade silicon and available in two sizes which are model 1 and 2.  It is perfect for physically active women who value comfort.

Best Menstrual Cups: Lunette Menstrual Cup

It is also available in a range of colors such as coral red (Lunette Aine), Blue, (Lunette Selene), Purple (Lunette Cynthia), Yellow (Lunette Lucia) and light green (Lunette Diana). Its firmness, the larger suction holes making it easier to clean and it being easy to open has made it a preferred choice for many women.

  • Firmer than most cups in the market
  • Comes with a storage pouch
  • Larger suction holes for easy cleaning
  • Easily pops open
  • Made from 100% medical-grade silicon
  • People with sensitive bladders can’t use it.
  • No models for people with the larger cervix.
  • Need some learning time on proper usage

 #3  Keeper Menstrual Cup

Best Menstrual Cups: Keeper Menstrual Cup

Our rating: 

Having been on the market since 1987, this menstrual cup isn’t an award winning one for nothing. It is the best rubber menstrual cup made from natural gum rubber and lasts up to 10years. It is available in two sizes which are size A and Size B.

Size A is much larger and suitable for women who have had vaginal birth and size B is a lot smaller, for women who haven’t given birth or for those who have given birth through C-section. The cup comes with a carry bag to safely store it during the times when you on your cycle.

  • There are sizes A and B available
  • Can last up to 10years
  • Made from natural gum rubber
  • Not suitable for anyone suffering from latex allergy.
  • The stem can be uncomfortable.
  • Takes time getting used to it.

 #4  The Anigan EvaCup Menstrual Cup, Top-Quality, Reusable Menstrual Cup

Best Menstrual Cups: The Anigan EvaCup Menstrual Cup, Top-Quality, Reusable Menstrual Cup

Our rating: 

This is another menstrual cup that meets many women’s feminine menstrual hygiene needs. The cup is available in two sizes and comes with a sterilization cup. It is made from medical-grade silicone and comes in eight different colors.

Its body is a little softer than the secondary rim and this makes opening it easier.  Women with a medium or medium –high cervix will find this cup very accommodating. The quality of this cup is also very high, hence the FDA approval. Although it requires a little getting used to, once you get the hang of it, it actually becomes more sanitary than pads or tampons.

  • Very Eco-friendly
  • Very sanitary
  • Great quality, FDA approved
  • Comes with a sterilization cup
  • Available in two sizes
  • A little uncomfortable when wearing it initially
  • Though softer and easier to remove it still Messy
  • The very hard silicone ring can get painful when extracting it.

 #5  The Softcup

Best Menstrual Cups: The Softcup

Our rating: 

This is the best and most comfortable disposable menstrual cup. As much as it has the disadvantage of not being reusable for years like other menstrual cups, it offers more advantages over the traditional menstrual cup.

The best thing is that it can be worn during sex. So there is no more of that, “am on the period” reason for not having sex when you both want to; and there is no worrying about messing up your sheets during the heat of the moment.

Never mistake the Softcup for a contraceptive because of the fact that it can be worn during sex. It is actually more of a mess retainer. There being two types, there is the standard Softcup Disposable menstrual cup that is worn only once and disposed of when full. There is also the reusable Softcup that can only be used during the whole menstrual cycle and disposed of afterward.

  • Maximum comfort
  • Can be worn during sex
  • Best for very heavy periods, no leaks
  • Doesn’t cause irritations
  • Gets rid of the menstrual odor.
  • Not reusable for years
  • Can’t be used with an IUD
  • Messy when getting it out

The Benefits OF Using Menstrual Cups

There are various benefits of using menstrual cups over the other existing options in the market and they are as follows:

  1. Can Be Worn For Longer Periods

Unlike the tampon or the pad where you will have to change it every 1-2hours, you can wear the menstrual cup 2-3 times longer.  That makes them ideal for overnight use or those long journeys where ready access to a bathroom is limited.

  1. No Strings or Wings

Strings and Wings are for tampons and regular pads, but not for the menstrual cup. For women who lead very active lifestyles that involve activities like swimming, yoga or running, this cup offers them comfort and a less noticeable menstrual experience

  1. Best For Travelling light

These cups are the best for road trips or any other journey that you make. You will forget all about buying or disposing of used pads or tampons. They also hardly take up space in your luggage making them not only the perfect travel companion but also the ideal feminine hygiene product of choice when traveling.

  1. Best For Heavy flows

Since menstrual cups can absorb up to five times as much liquid as the tampon or pad, ladies with heavy flows can breathe easy. No more leaks during heavy flows and no more quick rushes to the bathroom in between busy working schedules.

Also, no need for packing pads or tampons when leaving the house because a single menstrual cup is all you need to deal with your period days.

  1. Vey Hygienically Safe

No harmful substances can be associated with mot menstrual cups, but this cannot be said of other feminine hygiene products in the market. The cups lack harmful substances such as BPA, Chlorine, fragrances, and adhesives and so on. They are 100% safe compared to most pads and tampons which do contain such substances.

  1. Shock Free

Menstrual cups are definitely shock free and will never be associated with the TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). This is very unlike the tampons and the pads in the market.

  1. No Awful Dry Sensation

Remember that dry sensation you feel when wearing tampons because tampons absorb all moisture around them including healthy bodily fluids? That is no more with the menstrual cups. There is no way you can experience dryness since the menstrual cup collects blood and never absorbs it.

  1. Hypoallergenic

Menstrual cups will hardly trigger allergies because most of them are made from medical silicone and only very few from latex.  If you have sensitive skin, latex allergies, dermatitis and other skin-related conditions, you are welcome to use menstrual cups.

You can steer clear of the latex-made ones if you are sensitive to latex.

  1. Goodbye Cramping & Other Menstrual Problems

That perfect fit of the menstrual cup could mean that you experience no cramping, no dryness, no infections or any kind of vaginal itching.  It could also mean good riddance to Tylenol and Midol.

  1. Bye To Odors

During your period, odors are one thing you fight hard to eliminate and some women will apply a lot of deodorant during those days to mask any seeping odors. However, even after going through that much trouble, there is always a moment when that unpleasant odor seeps out.

The unpleasant odor often comes about when one is wearing pads or even the tampons. The best thing about wearing menstrual cups is that they are great at prevention of any bad smells emanating since they prevent any sort of air from reaching the blood.

  1. Isn’t Affected by Uterus Didelphis

In case you happen to have the rare condition of two cervixes known as uterus Didelphis, menstrual cups will still perfectly accommodate you.  The cup will be positioned below the cervix and still effectively collect blood.

The Menstrual Cup Disadvantages

Like with all things great, the disadvantages have to exist and for the menstrual cups, outlined below are the few that do.

  1. Learning Curve Required

Practice is required before you master the technique of inserting and removing the menstrual cup. This is unlike the other feminine hygiene products such as pads and tampons. Before you fit it in perfectly, you will have some bad experiences such as leakages and discomfort, but once you learn, it is smooth sailing for years.

  1. More Mess

Washing your hands will be a great part of using a menstrual cup especially during the learning curve. Removing it can always be messy since you will have to reach for it, empty it and wash it before inserting it inside and washing your hands again.

  1. A Challenge For The Young

For younger girls who haven’t had sexual intercourse, inserting a menstrual cup can be disconcerting. The menstrual cup can break the hymen which is usually the evidence of virginity in most cultures. For that fact, women from cultures that value virginity will be discouraged from using the menstrual cup.

  1. Fit Issues

Menstrual cups will not be a perfect fit for everyone.  Women with fibroids or a dropped uterus might find the menstrual cup not fitting correctly. This will affect its performance and they will therefore not have a great experience wearing them.

  1. Maintenance Required

Unlike the tampons and pads which are disposable, the menstrual cup has to be sterilized before being stored away to wait for the next cycle. It can be a lot of work for that woman who is used to simply disposing of her tampons or pads.

It is clear that the advantages of the menstrual cup exceed the drawbacks. However, one thing clearly stands out, not everyone will find menstrual cups perfect for their period needs, but currently many women find them convenient.

How to Choose the Best Menstrual Cup

If you are a first timer, it is likely to take you a few cups to find the perfect fit for your heavy flow. However, to save you the hassle of having to try many cups in the market, outlined below are a few factors to put into consideration.

  1. Your Age And If You Have Given Birth

Most of the menstrual cup brands are available in two sizes. The sizes include ones for women under the age of 30 who haven’t given birth and those for women who had the vaginal birth or are over 30 years.

Keep in mind that as you grow older as a woman, your hips will widen naturally and your vaginal muscles lose a little of their elasticity as well. This is why a larger menstrual cup is recommended for women over 30 even if they haven’t given birth and those that have given birth vaginally for obvious reasons.

However, this is just a general rule and doesn’t apply to every woman. With women being different there are some who have given birth vaginally but still, have strong pelvic floor muscles thanks to their consistent physically active life. So knowing your own body combined with manufacturer’s information will help in choosing the ideal cup.

  1. The Position Of Your Cervix

Your cervix position will rise and fall depending on your menstrual cycle. Being aware of the position of your cervix during menstruation will help you determine the right cup for you. You can find out the position of your service by simply inserting a finger in your vagina and feeling for it.

If you can’t feel your cervix during menstruation, then it sits high and a longer menstrual cup will be ideal. If you can reach your cervix but it doesn’t sit low, then it is an average cervix which will perfectly accommodate most menstrual cup lengths.

Lastly, if your cervix is located just inside your vagina, then it is a low sitting cervix and it will require a shorter cup for best performance. Consider measuring your cervix height for a couple of days during your period because the cervix might sit at a different location each day.

  1. How Heavy is Heavy

If your flow is indeed heavy, then your needs will be met better with a higher capacity cup which will not require frequent emptying.  If you doubt how heavy your flow is and aren’t really sure, overestimating is the best way to go to ensure that you will not have to change your menstrual cap frequently.

  1. The Material Of The Cup

Silicon, natural gum rubber (latex) and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) are the common materials used to make menstrual cups.  Silicon lasts longest of the three and is the most widely used in the manufacture of these cups.

However, brands like Softcup have been known to use polyethylene in the manufacture of their cups. Take your allergies into consideration when choosing and if you have latex allergies, simply steer clear of natural gum made cups because they cause latex allergy reactions.

  1. Other Factors

Consider other factors like the features of the cup along with FDA approval are very important. Looking at the features such as the stem, suction holes, firmness, color and measuring lines will help you choose one that will serve you best.

And The Best Menstrual Cup Is…….

The best menstrual cup is no doubt The Diva Cup. Its popularity is evident from the raving reviews given by its users. Unlike the others, it comes at an affordable price and meets if not surpasses all the standards of quality.  It is the best menstrual cup if you want to try it out for the first time since it is also easy to figure it out.


The menstrual cup has changed everything when it comes to “period protection” thanks to its comfort, convenience, affordability, and eco-friendliness.

The menstrual cups haven’t been popular in recent years despite having been first patented in 1932 by a midwifery group and then by Leona Chalmers who patented the first usable one for sale in 1937.

However, by the look of things, the menstrual cup has no doubt a great future in feminine hygiene products market.