The Best Front Facing Baby Carrier: 2020 Reviews and Top Picks

The Best Front Facing Baby Carrier: 2020 Reviews and Top Picks

( – Baby carrier is definitely one of the very useful things when you go to travel with your baby. It will really make your life much easier. The greatest benefit of having a baby carrier is that you can hold your little one without arms no matter if you are on the street or around the house.

The market is full of many different baby carrier types and brands. In order to make your life easier we made this guide to help you find the best front facing baby carrier.

What is a Baby Carrier?

Let’s start this research by explaining what baby carrier is. Basically, that is a hands free way to carrying a child. It provides support to a baby, often through a pouch and goes around your body in order to spread the load.

There are many different types and brands of baby carriers, but the best are those that are able to provide safe and comfortable way to carry your little one arms-free. They are also useful because they foster closeness that will help you calm your fussy baby.

What to choose? Stroller or Carrier?

Before we start with types of baby carriers and reviews, let’s answer to one common question: “Is it better to buy a stroller or a baby carrier?”

If you can, the best solution is to have both. If you can take only one of them, maybe the carrier will be better solution because it is more practical. It doesn’t take much place in your luggage and it is better for places where you can’t go with the stroller.

Types of Baby Carriers

In order to help you make comparison between front facing carrier and the other carriers we made a little analysis of baby carrier types. We believe this will be also helpful for you to choose the best front facing carrier.

Front Facing Baby Carrier

Let’s start with our main topic: front facing baby carrier. This type of baby carriers is presented the most on the market because it is proven to be safe and secure.

It allows you to have your little one attached in front of you. There is an option to have your little one face towards you or outwards so it can see the surroundings. In the most of the cases, infants face towards you and toddlers outwards.

Baby Back Carrier

As its name says, this baby carrier allows you to carry a baby on your back like a backpack with a baby facing towards. In order to help spread the weight, it has straps that go around your waist and usually across your sternum.

Bad side of this type of baby carriers is that you won’t be able to get your baby easily without assistance. Your baby won’t be in your line of vision and you won’t be able to see it completely even when you turn your head. This type is more convenient for toddlers than newborns.

Mei-Tai Carrier

This is the oldest type of baby carrier designed with what feels natural in mind. It is often made of woven material that you tie around your body in order to support your little one. This type of baby carrier is pretty comfortable and natural. You can wear it on the back or front.

Baby Wrap

Baby wrap is very similar to Mei-Tai. It is also attached to parent and a child is positioned to create a comfortable baby carry wrap. It is pretty comfortable and you can find it at affordable price. You can find on the market many different styles of baby wraps like the woven wrap baby carrier and carriers with different types of material and hold.

Hip Baby Carriers

With this baby carrier you can carry your little one on your hip and have a free space in front of you and behind you. Weight is divided to your shoulder and hip so your little one is held safely enough you can bend over. In this way the center of your gravity won’t be thrown. This baby carrier comes with the adjustable straps and allows you to change your seating position.

Baby Sling

The purpose of baby slings is to make pressure on hands and back easier. Baby sling can go over one of your shoulder or both of them. It is simple and cheap. On the other hand, this type of baby carrier has many safety concerns so we wouldn’t recommend it.

Now when you compared front facing baby carrier with the other types and know the differences, it is time to go through the list of candidates for the best front facing baby carrier.

Reviews of Top 5 Best Front Facing Baby Carriers

 #1  Langforth Baby Carrier

The Best Front Facing Baby Carrier: Langforth Baby Carrier

Our rating: 

Here is one more baby carrier that offers 5 carrying positions. You will be able to wear your baby in front, on your back, hips, and two kangaroo positions facing in and out. It is convenient for children between 7.9 and 26.4 pounds.

There is also detachable hood and a detachable PE board. In that way you little one is supported from all the sides when it is inside the carrier. Your back will be supported as well so you won’t feel pain after a several hours carrying a baby.

You will also get one year warranty.

  • 5 carrying positions: front, back, hips and two kangaroo positions.
  • It contains detachable hood and detachable PE board.
  • There is one year warranty.
  • It isn’t convenient for massive people.
  • You will need a little time to figure out how the positions work.
  • Straps could be more comfortable.

 #2  Bebamour Designer Sling and Baby Carrier

The Best Front Facing Baby Carrier: Bebamour Designer Sling and Baby Carrier

Our rating: 

This front facing baby carrier is consisted of 100% polyester. Cotton feel makes it breathable and provides a comfort to your little one. This baby carrier has a very large waist band with a function to keep you comfortable.

Bebamour baby carrier is ergonomically designed and it is convenient for babies between 3-36 months.  The maximum baby weight that this carrier can support is 19.9 kg.

This is multipurpose baby carrier with a lifetime guarantee. With this baby carrier you will be able to wear your little one front facing, on your back, facing in toward the chest and facing in or out using hip seat carrier.

  • This is comfortable and breathable baby carrier.
  • It is multipurpose baby carrier.
  • It is convenient for babies between 3-36 months.
  • Fabric is little creepy.
  • There is a lack of pockets and existing pockets are too small.
  • It’s little bulky.

 #3  Six-Position 360 by Lillebaby

The Best Front Facing Baby Carrier:  Six-Position 360 by Lillebaby

Our rating: 

Six position baby carrier offers complete airflow in order to provide comfort to your baby. This carrier contains a 3D mesh that provides temperature control for both the parent and a baby.

Another good thing is that you can carry your baby in 6 different positions: front, back, hip carry, in and out positions on all and fetal position without using an infant insert. You will also have ergonomic support for you and your growing baby as it enters into toddlerhood and reaches 45 pounds.

  • This baby carrier provides complete airflow.
  • It contains 3D mesh that provides temperature control.
  • 6 different carrying positions: front, back, hip carry, in and out and fetal.
  • The carrier provides ergonomic support for you and a baby.
  • Can be little uncomfortable for babies legs.
  • The carrier is bulky because of the extra padding.
  • It is little hard to understand how positions work.

 #4  Baby Carrier with Hip Seat

The Best Front Facing Baby Carrier:  Baby Carrier with Hip Seat

Our rating: 

This front facing baby carrier offers 5 different carrying positions in order to provide comfort to you and your little one. It is made of 100% cotton. There is a detachable sleeping hood and a storage with a lot of space for your and babies stuff. You will be able to carry a baby in front of you, on your back, in the kangaroo position and on your hip in two positions.

This baby carrier is made for babies and toddlers from 13 to 44 pounds and there is also a sellers warranty to get your money back in case you aren’t satisfied.

  • 5 carrying positions: front, back, kangaroo and two hip positions.
  • There is a detachable sleeping hood.
  • It has storage with a plenty of space.
  • You can get your money back if you aren’t satisfied.
  • It isn’t convenient for babies with chunky thighs.
  • The carrier can be unpleasant for massive people to wear it.
  • The back carrying position could be improved.

 #5  Infantino Flip Front 2 Back

The Best Front Facing Baby Carrier:  Infantino Flip Front 2 Back

Our rating: 

Here is the carrier with three positioning options. You can wear your child in front of you, facing in and out and on your back. There is also a breathable mesh, adjustable lumbar and padded straps with the function to relieve the pressure on your shoulders. It has also a padding that will keep your baby comfortable no matter in which position you are carrying it.

  • 3 carrying positions: front (facing in and out) and on the back.
  • There is a breathable mesh and adjustable lumbar.
  • It has padding to make your baby feel comfortable.
  • You will need some time to figure out how the positions work.
  • When your baby is on front you can feel the weight on your neck.
  • The carrier doesn’t grow with the child.

How to choose the best front facing baby carrier?

Choosing the appropriate baby carrier isn’t easy. You will have to figure out what features are the most important for you and your little one, like: how will you use the baby carrier, for travel or just around the house? Are you planning to use it every day or just in some occasions?

The safety and comfort of your baby should be definitely the priority. The best front facing baby carrier should also allow for flexibility.


As we said, this feature should be definitely the priority. You will have to check if the carrier is able to support your baby’s weight. As baby grows there will be different safety concerns but the biggest one is definitely for newborns. They need to have a head and neck supported and can’t be at any risk of suffocation.

Without a doubt this is the most important thing to consider when picking a baby carrier.

Baby’s Comfort

Baby’s comfort is the second important feature that should be considered. The important thing is that carrier has a natural fit. It mustn’t displace the legs or constrain the child too much. That is why the most convenient baby carriers are the softest ones. They will provide good head and neck support. This is especially important when you have a newborn.

Environment where you will use the carrier can’t be neglected so you shouldn’t choose heavy materials for warmer climates.

Your Comfort

Your comfort is also something that you should think about. This means you should consider the way baby carrier sits on you, where the weight is distributed and who will use the carrier (you, your partner or both).

If you have pain in your back and hips, try to find some carrier that will be able to distribute the weight evenly.

One more thing that you should have on your mind is that baby wrap might feel natural around the house, but not good for outside or travels when the extra closeness can make both of you and your baby hot in good weather. In that situation it will be also difficult to take a baby on and off and will take time.

Ease of Use

It can take time to look at wrap designs and to figure out how to choose the best position that is safe and comfortable for your baby. The easiest design for using is definitely front facing baby carrier.

The purpose and the biggest advantage of baby carriers is to have hands free while carrying a baby. Considering that, make sure the carrier doesn’t involve much work from you.


Every baby is messy so the carrier will need regular cleaning. Considering that, an easy carrier to clean is very important thing to look at, especially if you are planning a trip. The carrier has to be machine washable and it would be good to have removable cover included. There are some carriers that that also allow for machine drying.

Professional opinion about front facing baby carriers

Global professional opinion about front facing baby carriers is that they are fine as far as you don’t carry your little one this way all the time. If you carry your child constantly this way isn’t recommendable because your spine will need support and that also refers to your baby.

In case you are carrying a baby in a front facing position, it will naturally lean away from you. In order to compensate that you will arch your backs to work as a counterbalance. That way will put a great pressure on your lower back and in some situations can cause rough backaches even in case you attempt to hold baby’s legs in order to push them closer to your chest.

Babies in this position will have the same problem. The kid will be trying to arch its back toward you. This can make its spine sore and if it is in this position for a long time it can affect the way it walks and how its spin is developing. The baby can also become tender in the groin area and chaffing on its inner legs. That can happen because of the thinner crotch design of front facing carrier combined with virtually no leg support.

It is also good to wait until your baby gains some control over its head before you start carrying it in front facing out position. It will be hard for your baby to breath in this position if it has its head on its chin and you may not be able to see that immediately when faced toward a baby.

Considering all these facts, most of the experts agree that the best front facing baby carrier is the one that offers a few different carrying positions. You also shouldn’t wear front facing carrier when it is a time for baby nap.


Having a baby carrier is one of the most useful things especially if you are planning a trip, long walks or planning to visit some places where you can’t go with a stroller. They are practical because they don’t take much place when travelling and you will be also able to easily calm down your wiggling baby.

In order to choose the best front facing baby carrier first things you should look at is baby’s safety and comfort. After that is also good to have your own comfort and that baby carrier is easy to use and clean. In many expert opinions the best front facing carrier is the one that offers a few different positions. Considering that, the winner from our list is Langforth Baby Carrier. It offers 5 carrying positions, detachable hood and PE board and there is one year warranty.