The best changing pad for diaper bag – 2020 Reviews and Top Picks

The best changing pad for diaper bag – 2020 Reviews and Top Picks

( – The best changing pad for diaper bag in 2020: Most of the parents think that all they need when it comes to diaper changing is a diaper, but unfortunately, you need one more, important thing – a changing pad. That is must have part of baby’s equipment. Diaper changing pad doesn’t only protect your little one from dirty surfaces, but also prevents diaper leaks from spilling.

If you are doing this at home and don’t have this product, maybe you will find some temporary replacement, but what to do when you are for example, traveling in the car and need to change a diaper? In that case you will definitely need a changing pad for diaper bag.
Considering that market is full of many different brands and types of diaper changing pads, we made this guide to help you choose the best changing pad for diaper bag and make your life easier.

Before we start with product reviews it would be good to meet you with main types of diaper changing pads and things that should be considered in order to look through the market and find the best changing pad for diaper bag.

Different Types of Diaper Changing Pads

You can find four different types of diaper changing pads on the market: standard diaper pad, changing pad for diaper bag or travel diaper changing pad, diaper changing kit and disposable diaper changing pad.

Standard Diaper Changing Pad

This changing pad looks like a mini mattress that can be used only for diaper changing time. This type of diaper changing pad you can slot into a baby changing table or use it on any surface around the home, like a dresser.

Most of the standard diaper changing pads need the usage of a changing pad cover in order to protect it from diaper leaks. The same as bed sheet, all you have to do is to change the pad cover.

Changing Pad for Diaper Bag (Travel Diaper Changing Pad)

Disadvantage of standard diaper changing pad is that it is too chunky for traveling. That is why you need reusable and lightweight solution for situations when you have to change a diaper away from your home.

Travel changing pads will be the right choice. These diaper changing pads can easily fell up and take up minimal room and be a good portable alternative to previous diaper changing pad type.

Diaper Changing Kit

This type of diaper changing pad besides changing pad also includes a room for all things you might need while you are away from home. You will have a space for all essential things like diapers, baby wipes and storage pockets for phone and keys.

Diaper Changing Kit is very portable and folds up into its own carry bag. It is pretty convenient for short trips with a baby with no need to lug around a heavy diaper bag.

Disposable Diaper Changing Pad

The last changing pad type is different from the others because you can’t use it more than one time. So after diaper change it has to be thrown in trash. It is very lightweight and you can easily squeeze it into already overflowed diaper bag. This type of changing pads is mostly sold in packs of 10 or more.

Features that should be considered when buying a diaper changing pad

There are two main functions of diaper changing pad:

  1. To protect your little one from dirty surfaces.
  2. To protect surfaces from poop explosions and diaper spills.

Best changing pad for diaper bag must fulfill these two points. Besides functionality there are also more features that should be considered when buying this baby product.

Curved or flat?

Even if it is for some parents difficult to believe, diaper changing can be pretty traumatic for a baby and can cause it to wiggle all over the place. You can’t blame them. Just imagine that someone puts a cold baby wipe to your bottom. You would probably start wiggling around all over the place as well.

In order to keep you little one in one place, look for pad that have a curved top. Thanks to it, you will keep your little one in the center of the changing pad regardless of how much it fusses.

Safety belt

In case you discover that you need an assistant to hold the baby in place so you could change the diaper, then the solution can be a safety belt.

This useful feature is becoming more and more popular part of diaper pad. If your little one is super wiggly during diaper changing this will definitely become your favorite feature. It is placed just over baby’s torso and keeps it in one place.

Easy to Clean

If you are parent for the first time, you should know that it will be a lot of poop. And pee. In case you believe you will manage to change the diapers without spillage, you are making a big mistake. Just think where will the spills fall? Definitely, directly on the changing pad.

Considering the fact that spillage can’t be avoided, the diaper changing pad should be easy to clean in order to be ready for the next diaper change that will come very, very quickly.

Ways of dealing with spills

Diaper changing pads deal with spills in two different ways.

The first Waterproof surface that is able to prevent any spills from soaking into the diaper pad. Even if this can sound like a good idea, you must have on your mind that urine will pool so it has to be wiped up.

The second solution is changing pad cover. This feature sits over the diaper pad like a bed sheet. In that way the pad is protected from spills and they are absorbed into the sheet instead. When you are done with diaper change all you have to do is to simply throw the cover through the wash. It is recommended to have a few diaper changing covers on hand in order to ensure you have a dry cover for the next diaper change.

Check the underside

Every baby is soft and fragile. But when changing time comes, it gains the strength of one hundred men. In case your baby is a wiggling too much, it is very possible for you to find changing pad sliding and slipping all over the changing table.

The reason why the pad is slipping is the underside of it. In case the underside is smooth like a wood or some other slippery material, that will allow a pad to slide around with each and every wiggle.

Does it fit to changing table?

Even if this seems like an obvious thing, most of the parents easily miss it. In case you have chosen a table for this purpose, you should choose a pad that fits it. So, how to do it?

You will have to measure the inside of changing table and check if diaper changing pads exceed these dimensions because the last thing you will need is to buy it and figure out that it doesn’t fit your changing table.

Now when you know the types of diaper changing pads and features that should be considered when buying them, let’s see what 5 best diaper changing pads we chose for you considering the conclusions we made after testing different brands.

Reviews of Top 5 Best Changing Pads in 2020

 #1  BRICA’s goPad Baby Diaper Changer

Our rating: 

This is one of the top rated diaper changing pads accompanied by 25 large-sized bags in order to dispose used nappies. It offers convenient cushioning and a head pillow that provides baby’s relaxation. There are also capacious mesh pockets that offer a space for essential things like wipe case, cotton balls and clean diapers as well.
There is also expandable unit design that accommodates growing babies in easy way.

  • It offers convenient cushioning.
  • Head pillow provides comfort to a baby.
  • There are capacious mesh pockets.
  • It is little big for some babies.
  • Velcro could be stronger.
  • It is little bulky.

 #2  Boppy’s Changing Pad Liner

Our rating: 

This diaper changing pad is based on waterproof construction and has easy-wash and cleaning features. The pad is hand-washable and has a water-resistant liner that has a function to keep the area dry and comfy for your little one’s convenience. There is also a great number of colors and designs for the cover that unfortunately doesn’t come with the pad and must be bought separately.

  • The pad is based on waterproof construction.
  • It is easy to wash.
  • The cover comes in many different colors and designs.
  • It has a chemical smell.
  • The water-resistant liner isn’t efficient enough.
  • The cover must be bought separately..

 #3  Skip Hop’s Pronto Diaper Changing Station

Our rating: 

Considering equipment, this diaper changing pad comes with handy front zip compartment that has a purpose to keep your personal items such as cellphone, wallet or keys and also contains a small clipped-strap that can be hang easily in order to stroller your waist. The spacious mesh pocket will provide enough space for four large diapers, lotions, creams and baby accessories as well. There is also a translucent wiping case for timely reloads.

  • It comes with handy front zip compartment.
  • There is a mesh pocked for large diapers, creams and other baby accessories.
  • It has a translucent wiping case.
  • The plastic wipes case bleeds red and colors the wipes.
  • It isn’t good solution for bigger baby.
  • The plastic container for baby wipes does not close properly.

 #4  Summer Infant’s Portable Quickchange Changing Pad

Our rating: 

Summer Infant’s Changing Pad is nifty traveling, portable and wholly padded solution that provides baby’s comfort. It offers suitable protection from dirty, harmful surfaces. The pad is large, with Velcro closure that seals the pad after use and prevents entry of dust and dirt. Thanks to these features it keeps your baby free of allergies and skin irritation. It is also pretty handy and practical for everyday use.

  • It is wholly padded and comfortable for a baby.
  • The pad provides suitable protection from dirty, harmful surfaces.
  • It is convenient for everyday use.
  • It can be narrow for large babies.
  • The pad is little slippery.
  • The padding should be thicker.

 #5  JJ Cole’s Diaper Changing Portable Clutch

Our rating: 

JJ Cole’s changing pad is 100% polyester durable, light weight changing pad. In the same time it is strong and convenient for cleaning. It can be extended to maximum 19”x28”. The same as previous model it comes with special pockets that provide you space for diapers, wipes and other convenient baby units.

  • This is lightweight but in the same time strong and durable.
  • You can extend it to 19”x28”.
  • There are extra pockets for baby things.
  • It can be narrow for large babies.
  • The pad is little slippery.
  • The padding should be thicker.

Tips and Tricks

In this section we will share with you some useful tricks that will make your life easier.

Cheap disposable diaper changing pads

We know how hard is to wash up a changing pad after every diaper change. It would be great if there will be some simple solution for covering the changing pad that you will later simply throw out once a messy diaper spills, right? Well there is a simple invention that can help you. How about dental bibs?

That is a sheet that dentist hangs around your neck that isn’t only good for protecting your clothes from drool while you get your tooth removed but also a good solution for protecting diaper changing pads. Yes, it’s truth they don’t have fun and exciting prints like diaper changing pads, but who cares? They are cheap so you can drop them after usage and save your diaper changing pad. It will also save your time.

What you should pay attention to when buying dental bibs is the size because they wary. You shouldn’t buy too small dental bib because it can’t be used effectively as a diaper changing pad.

How to stop diaper changing pad from slipping?

Sliding changing pad all over the surface while the baby is wiggling can really cause a headache. There is a trick how to resolve this issue.

You’ve probably heard for non-slip rug pads that stop rug from sliding across a wooden floor? Well, they are also good at keeping a diaper changing pad steady. All you have to do is lay a non-slip rug pad down where you frequently change your baby and put changing pad on it. There you go! No more slipping!

Another good thing is that rug pads can be found in many different sizes and shapes so you can find a suitable solution.


Most of the parents think that all they need for diaper changing is a diaper till they bring the baby into the house. In the first years of baby’s life, diaper changing pad will be one of your best friends, especially when you are out of home. In order to choose the best changing pad for diaper bag you should consider the features like: functionality, shape, if it is easy to clean, how it deals with spills and its underside.

Our choice will definitely be BRICA’s goPad Baby Diaper Changer. It offers convenient cushioning, head pillow that provides comfort for your little one, mesh pockets for everyday baby things. The biggest disadvantage of this diaper changing pad is that it might be too big, but it’s always better to have bigger pad than the one that is smaller than your baby. In comparison to benefits you can get, this can be neglected.