5 Best Baby Swings 2020 For Newborns

5 Best Baby Swings 2020 For Newborns

(ThankYourBaby.com) – Most parents would love their newborn babies to be calm, lovable and fall asleep gently without any fuss or tantrums. They spend the nights and days soothing the baby and meeting the baby’s constant need for attention which can be tiring even to the best of parents.

The baby swing is one baby product that provides the parents and babies the relief that they require. The problem is that there are many such products in the market all showcasing their bells and whistles and claiming to be the best. This makes choosing the best baby swings for newborns difficult.

Reviews of Top 5 Best Baby Swings For Newborns in 2020

To make it easier for you we have narrowed down the list and highlighted 5 of the best swings for newborns with various promising features.

 #1  Fisher- Price Cradle N’ Swing My Little Snugabunny

Our rating: 

This brand of baby swings is one of the most reviewed and true to their word; they indeed have useful features to allow your newborn to enjoy the comfort that the swing offers. This particular swing is very attractive look at with its adorable snugabunny theme.

Multiple swing speeds, many songs to choose from and multiple seat positions make this swing one of the best. It really performs as per expectations, soothing the baby and fully entertaining them with the songs and the different rocking motions.

The swing makes for easy cleaning since it is machine washable. The seat fabric covering is soft and comfortable for the baby making it easy for them to nap as they are kept company with the hanging toys.

The features on this swing offer a more interactive play environment for your baby. These interactive features include a reflective mirror ball, a bunny rattle and vertically moving leaves on a rotating mobile.

With the safety standards that have been set by ASTM all met, the swing is therefore as safe as they come, complete with an adjustable seat recline, 5-point harness and a very solid base that holds the strong steel frame.

Things We Liked
  • Comes with a total of 16songs to keep the baby engaged and finally lull them to sleep. 8 of the songs are relaxation songs and the other 8 purely for entertaining the baby.
  • Lovely gender neutral colors that will never look out of place in any home interior.
  • Various swinging motions giving the parent and baby more options in swinging.
  • Contains a weight sensor that adapts to your newborn’s increasing weight which makes it convenient as they get older.
  • The lovely fact that it also available in other themes like My little Snugabear , Sweet Snugapuppy and so on.
Things We Didn't Like
  • A perfect motor that functions well but can also get a little too loud much to the discomfort of some parents and babies.
  • Takes up a good amount of space in your home which makes it inconvenient for parents living in small homes.
  • The batteries run out of energy very fast and might be an inconvenience especially if they have to be used as a fail-safe option for a long period.

 #2  Graco Duetsoothe Swing + Rocker

Our rating: 

This is one baby swing that has its rightful place as one of the high-end baby products.  It features three seating options of left and right which allow the baby to swing side-to-side or head-to-toe. It comes with 10 songs to keep your baby occupied and a mobile where toys can hang.

It is also designed as two items in one as the name implies. A baby swing and a rocker in one is no doubt convenient when it comes to saving space. The sad fact is that it can not perform 100% as both products  which is a common scenario with most muti-modal products.

The Duetsoothe in this case is a better rocker than a swing. However, when it comes to quality, safety and comfort, the Duetsooth can be ranked high, all thanks to the lovely design and quality materials used to manufacture it.

Things We Liked
  • The combination is convenient because when your baby falls asleep you don’t need to transport him to a rocker.
  • Has two vibration settings for effective soothing.
  • The lovely neutral colors that blend in any interior.
  • It still offers all the features that other swings offer despite the fact that it has a rocker as an addition.
Things We Didn't Like
  • Takes a lot of floor space and difficult top move from one rooom to another because it is also heavy.
  • Very complex to installl which can be a challenge to most parents.
  • Has a mobile unit that doesn’t rotate or make sounds and this can get borring for your newborn once he starts getting familiar with his surroundings.

 #3  Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing

Our rating: 

If you are looking for a simple baby swing that at the same time has a lovely and interesting style to it, then this is it. The dominant gray and the white minority colors make this swing absolutely lovely to look at and buy it for your baby just as most baby products should be.

It is also compact, which makes it convenient for smaller homes. It has the power outlet and battery options, a gentle side-to-side effective calming motion, six swing speeds and two vibration settings. The ten songs have been carefully selected to ensure that every one of them delights your baby.

The swing has also adhered to all safety standards and manages to secure your baby safely and comfortably in place. Some may not view the fact that you have to flip the start in the harness center upward on to the baby’s face as a safety measure, but it’s a good safety measure especially when your newborn grows older.

Things We Liked
  • Features a plug-in option that enables you to connect to a power source.
  • A very roomy seat that is bucket-like which will be appropriate when your newborn becomes a larger and heavier baby.
  • Comes with a generous variety of 15 songs to entertain your baby.
Things We Didn't Like
  • There is a very big flaw at this swing’s head support which is at the wrong angle since it allows the baby’s head to go sideways.
  • The mobile doesn’t spin or move in any way.
  • The swing lacks incline positions which can be a disadvantage when your newborn develops to that sitting toddler and wouldn’t love to just lie in one position.

 #4   4moms MamaRoo Baby Swing

Our rating: 

This is a very attractive and stylish hi-tech baby swing complete with all hi-tech features. It comes with an MP3 adaptor, a Bluetooth connection and five unique swinging motions which are nothing like the usual head-to-toe or side-to-side ones that are common with majority swings.

If you are a lover of sleek and modern looking baby items, then you are in for a treat with this one.  It gives you the option to play your own music to your baby thanks to the Bluetooth connection and the Mp3 player.

The only thing that this swing might fall short is the soothing ability. However, it still meets all the safety standards and is comfortable enough for your baby. You might be enamored by this swing, but your baby might not unless you play music or sounds that he loves through the Mp3 player.

Things We Liked
  • More specialized motions that are a lot better than the traditional swinging styles common in most baby swings in the market.
  • The smart technology such as Bluetooth makes it very easy to control the swing without being close to it.
  • The Mp3 players allow you to play your own music and not rely on the preprogrammed music. You can decide to even play the familiar sound of your recorded singing which the baby will no doubt recognize and settle down. Just make sure you have the best singing voice!
  • It is small in size making it great for smaller living spaces.
Things We Didn't Like
  • Lacks preprogrammed music which can be inconveniencing for parents who have no time to look for the ideal music to play for their babies or don’t know where to look. Some might also have no idea on the best music for a baby.
  • After continued use, parents complained that speakers failed to emit a clear sound.
  • The mobile doesn’t spin light up or make any sounds; it just holds the hanging toys.

 #5  Comfort & Harmony Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing

Our rating: 

Affordable and portable begin to describe this baby swing. It is only battery powered since the major focus is portability which is further accentuated in the fact that it can fold up easily when you need to pack it up for travel.

The motor is quiet which is surprising considering its size. The safety measures were duly taken in the creation of this swing thanks to the 5- point harness. The controls are also easy for music and timer operations making it a darling for parents who hate having to fiddle with something for a long time.

It is available in natural brown and pink colors, choices that you can choose depending on your home décor. To further keep your baby dazzled, it also comes with dangling stuffed animals which can also be replaced in case you want more variety of your choosing for your baby.

Things We Liked
  • The swing is the best for travel because it is portable and easily foldable for storage and travel packing.
  • It is very affordable for parents on a tight budget.
  • It also has this head support pillow which is convenient for newborns and can be detachable as the baby gets older and can control his neck or head without support.
  • Has six melodies, a volume control and an auto shut off mechanism.
Things We Didn't Like
  • The button fell short quality wise and might stop working after some time according to parents’ reviews.
  • A very loud on/off knob which can startle the baby from sleep.
  • A design flaw on the hanging toys; the dangling animals on the swing face the wrong side; they should face the baby and not the parent on the other side.

Things to Look Out For When Buying a Baby Swing.

It is important that when choosing a baby swing, look out for the features that will best serve your baby. You might not find all the best features in one baby swing, but you can still pick the best from all the other best baby swings for newborns in the market. A few things to look out for are as follows:-

  1. The Features on The Seat

The seat area is where your baby stays when you put him in the swing. It is very important that you choose a seat that has all the required features to make your baby comfortable and safe. A detachable swing seat that is thickly padded will make your baby feel comfortable when they are seated.

A machine washable cover on the seat should also be an option or it should simply have waterproof material to prevent any spills from soaking in. The baby swing has to be kept clean as all items that a baby uses should be, therefore if it gives you an easy cleaning option, it will remain clean often times.

You could also check for adjustability when it comes to reclining positions. Most seats will have up to three reclining positions. You understand that a newborn cannot support its head yet and will require that incline position compete with head support for them to be comfortable until the moment they can sit upright without support.

  1. Swinging Motions

The lulling swinging motion that offers soothing is what has likely prompted you to buy a baby swing.  Consider one that has an adjustable swing speed setting to help you control the speed.  Note the swinging direction which could either be front to back or side to side.

However, there are other swings that might offer other unique swinging motions that you would love as well.

  1. A Sturdy Frame

Being the main supporter of the baby swing, the frame is what provides stability.  A steel frame or any other metal frame is the best and especially if it has a wide base to offer more stability.

Plastic frames for a baby swing are usually not a great idea, just think of that plastic frame breaking with your baby in it. Not a pretty sight at all! Therefore forget the cheap selling swings with plastic frames and go for the costly but sturdy and safe metallic frame.

  1. Entertainment Options

This is crucial for a baby swing. Look out for those lovely baby melodies, a music player perhaps, attached toys, motorized baby mobiles, vibration themes and a lot more.  Some swings will come with preprogrammed melodies while others will have natural sounds.

There are sounds meant for daytime while others will be ideal for night time. Your baby will love listening to various songs or a particular one, which is why the songs should be several. Entertainment is what will keep your baby occupied and finally lull them to sleep as they tire of play.

  1. Safety Features

Safety should never be compromised when choosing a baby swing.  Harness points that should either be 5 or 3 are a must in a swing. The harness points will offer more safety for your baby and consider one that has the 5-point harness because it is more secure compared to its 3-point harness counterpart.

Adequate recline to prevent slumping and clear weight capacity guidelines should always be present in a baby swing.  A canopy for use outdoors is also important if you are going to be using your baby swing in the outdoors area a lot or near a window where there is direct sunlight.

You sensitive newborn’s skin should be protected from bad skin exposure and a canopy can offer such protection and also keep sleep distractions from your baby’s line of view.

Always consider safety when choosing any of the best baby swings for newborns and no matter how cool looking or sleek a swing is, if it isn’t safe for your baby in any way, simply look elsewhere.

  1. Batteries and Plug

Most baby swings are either powered by a plug or batteries.  The batteries or plug keep the motor running the mobile spinning with hanging toys. Most of the batteries used to power them are either 4 or 5D batteries and use 120 or 110 volts when plugged in a wall outlet.

Look for a swing with both options so that you can always use the batteries power as an option when there is no power or you are in an environment with no electricity plug.

  1. Easy To Use Features

A baby product should be easy to use or it can be very frustrating. A baby swing shouldn’t annoy you because it is proving difficult to use. Parenting has its own hassles and a difficult baby swing with complicated features should never add to them.

An easy to assemble, use, fold and store away baby swing is what you should always be looking out for.

 The Benefits of Using a Baby Swing

Using a baby swing has its benefits; why else would such a product be in the market for such a long time and so popular? Outlined below are the benefits of using a baby swing.

  1. Entertaining For Your Baby

The baby swing is designed to entertain your child in a way that you can’t. Most of them come with motorized mobiles, toys, melodies, colored lights and so on. Such features will make your child curious, laugh, play and soothe them to sleep.

You cannot sing to your baby, dangle toys and flash lights, and even if you can do all that, it can be very tiring at the end of it because you will have to do it for long periods. This is where the baby swing becomes so useful as an entertainment item for your baby.

  1. Soothes Your Baby

After entertaining, baby swings also act as great soothers for your baby. They are equipped with swinging speeds and varying speed settings to enable you to choose the right swing speed for soothing your baby.

Your newborn might require a slow swinging speed to sooth them to sleep and when he becomes older, a slightly faster swinging speed will do. The soothing ability of the baby swings is why most parents opt to buy them because it can be difficult to soothe a cranky baby and often times even the best of parents tire.

  1. Safe For Your Child

The baby swing is one of the safest baby products because it is also designed to secure your child in place.  The harness points, the sturdy frames and the thick padding in most of them ensure enough safety for your baby.

Most will also have additional safety features such as a headrest and leg rest for baby’s comfort.

How Baby Swings Work

Most of the modern baby swings are created with more functionality to ensure that your baby remains calm by your side as you finish reading that book or carry out the house chores. Most swings soothe and entertain your baby; the same way you will do while holding him.

Other swings will combine the gliding, rocker and swinging functions for that ultimate soothing ability. Understanding how your baby swing works will ensure that you make it work best for your baby. Each function contains its own mechanism to promote the proper functioning of the baby swing.

Some of the functions are as follows:

  1. Gliding and Swinging.

Most swings have motors that are battery powered or with adapters to enable plugging it into a wall outlet. These motors are the ones responsible for the gliding and swinging motions which greatly help in soothing the baby.

Some baby swings will come with a manual off switch while others will have an automatic off switch.

  1. Setting Speeds On Your Swing

Most baby swings have at least 6 swinging speeds. These speeds are regulated by a special knob switch that you can never miss because it is labeled.  All you have to do is simply keep turning the knob until you achieve the right speed.

  1. Volume Controls

With the entertaining melodies that will obviously delight and soothe your baby, there has to be a volume control function. Again you will need to turn the knob in order to achieve the best volume for your melodies.

  1. Toy Functions

Some baby swings will have motor controlled hanging toys which could be 3 or 2. Most will offer the option of substituting the toys in case you would love more appealing toys of your choice.

  1. Cleaning The Baby Swing

Most baby swings are cleaned by simply removing the inserted seat pads, head inserts and the whole seat covering in some cases. Most are also machine washable making it convenient for parents who have no time to hand-wash them.

  1. Assembling and Folding

Popular baby swings are simple to assemble, operate and fold for storage or travel.  Every one of them is unique in the manner in which it is assembled, folded and stored.  If you happen to get stuck in any way, never hesitate to read the instructions in the manual.

Never force any function if it refuses or if you aren’t sure how it works because it might damage the swing and cause harm to your baby if you continue using it.

Baby Swing Safety Precautions

Baby swings are only safe when used in the right manner, same as most baby items. Keeping in mind a few safety precautions will allow you to keep your baby safe and make the best of the swing your purchased. Some baby swing safety precautions to note are as follows:-

  • Safety begins with your purchase, as you buy your baby swing, consider the safety features first and forget other things like its cool outward design or the price, those should come second. Buy a safe baby swing to begin with by considering the safety features.
  • Never leave your baby in the swing and out of your sight. You should carry on with your house chores or any other work with the baby right beside you in the swing. Makes sure you throw frequent glances at the baby as you work as a way of watching over him.
  • Always adhere to the weight, height and age limits as the manufacturer recommends. Failure to do so is endangering the safety of your child. Therefore as your newborn grows and those pounds increase, stop using the swing once the weight limit is reached.
  • The moment your baby figures out how to free himself from the harnesses and climb out of the swing, it is time to stop using the swing. Just imagine all the risks of falling he faces or the risk of toppling the swing on himself and getting injured.
  • Never ever set your swing on elevated surfaces, near the stairs or in areas hidden from your view to avoid any risks of falling. Pets should also be far away from the swing; picture a large overexcited dog knocking the swing over with your baby in it.
  • If your baby has to sleep in the swing, the sleep shouldn’t be unsupervised or prolonged in the swing. If you cannot watch the baby when they are in the swing just transfer him to his crib where he can be safer sleeping.
  • Always ensure that your baby is well seated and strapped when in the swing in order to avoid any accidents occurring. You can also ensure that no loose pillows, stuffed toys or blankets are in the baby swing.
  • Be careful not to overuse the baby swing every time you want to help your baby sleep. He might just form the habit of being rocked every time he wants to fall asleep.

Effectively Using the Baby Swing to Calm Your Baby

The baby swing is perfect for calming your little one. However, a few tricks and tips will work well in ensuring that the swing works well for your baby.  There are a few simple things you can do to effectively use the baby swing for that calming effect,   whether your baby is just moody or simply restless and they are as follows:-

  1. Take Full Advantage Of Speed Controls

It is advisable to try out different speeds in order to calm your baby. Shift the speeds according to your child’s age and mood. A slow speed would be ideal if the baby is sleepy while a faster speed would be ideal if your baby is in a playful mood.

You could gradually increase the speed as your baby grows and when they are crying.  Just ensure that you let your kid get used to the swing using slow speeds when they are newborns. If your baby is already a toddler and using the swing for the first time, then the slow speeds would be ideal to begin with.

  1. Use The Different Melodies

Different melodies are usually in most baby swings and your baby will not love all of them equally.  Try out different melodies and single out the ones your baby seems to enjoy. You can tell by their body language and reaction if they love or hate a particular melody.

  1. Use The Hanging Toys

Make your child aware of the toys that hang on the mobile. If your mobile moves, then by all means turn on the motor to spin the toys when your baby is restless. If your motor is not moving, you could just make your baby aware of the noise by making animated sounds as you point at each one.

If they can rattle, use your fingers to rattle them and your baby will no doubt be delighted. There is also the option of getting more entertaining toys for your baby and hanging them on the swing, if that will change things for the better, then by all means go ahead.

  1. The Vibration Function To Calm

The vibration function works with most babies when it comes to keeping them calm.  Most baby swings come with two vibration functions which are ideal for calming a crying baby. Try both of them on your baby and see which one makes him calmer.

  1. Use The Recline and Harness Points For Comfort

You might have tried everything from the speeds to the volume controls and your baby doesn’t seem calm. The most likely explanation for such a scenario is that the baby is probably not comfortable.

Since your baby can’t talk yet, it would be advisable to place him in different positions and observing if they get comfortable. You will keep trying multiple positions and everything else you can think of until the baby calms down when you finally get it right.

Moving the Baby from The Swing To The Crib

Your baby will not use the swing forever, at some point he will have to outgrow it and you will need to transfer him to a place where he will be more comfortable.

Usually babies will outgrow the swing when they are between 4-6months and by this time you should have taken steps to slowly initiate them out of the swing.  A few tips to help you with this are as follows:-

  1. Take Gradual Steps

You can’t just all of a sudden expect the baby to cooperate with you when you move him from the swing to his crib. Start by reducing the swing speed when the baby is dozing off and then switching it off as soon as the baby is fast asleep.

You can then continue by leaving the swing on less by less every day until when he is finally used to the lack of swinging sensation and can rest without it. When the baby can fall asleep without the swing, then it is the perfect time to transfer him to his crib.

  1. Come Up With An Exciting Bedtime Routine

It could be bath time, stories, singing, nestling and any other thing that your baby can look forward to doing before falling asleep.  After doing the bedtime activity that has excites your baby, encourage him to sleep since you will be doing these activities when he is in his crib already. .

The first day he might resist but as the bedtime routine settles in, he will start associating the routine with bedtime and start falling asleep easily.

  1. Comfortably Swaddle Your Baby

Your baby will not cry or act distressed if you comfortably swaddle him with a soft and warm blanket. Swaddling recreates that womb-like condition just like when they are in the swing and they will absolutely love and know it’s time for bed.

The warmth from the swaddling is enough to encourage your baby to sleep because it is the perfect sleep environment. If they are cranky from feeling sleepy resist the urge to put them on the swing and lull them to sleep with the motions.

Instead swaddle them and place them on the crib as you sing that lullaby that they love. In time they will succumb to the sleep from the comfort of the swaddle blanket.

Make your nursery sleep friendly

Making your nursery sleep-friendly will go a long way in making your baby fall asleep faster and make the transition to their crib a lot easier.  Make the lights dimmed, the colors on the walls soft and the crib as comfortable for the baby as possible.

You could also use a nightlight, or a quiet baby sound machine in the cases where making your baby sleep in his crib is too challenging. As you take measures to ensure that the baby’s nursery is as sleep-friendly as possible, you will be rewarded with your baby falling asleep easily in his crib!

The Best Baby Swing Is……

It deserves the number one place on this list and that is none other than the   Fisher- Price Cradle N’ Swing My Little Snugabunny baby swing . Despite having  the largest footprint, it offers the best in terms of soothing ability, comfort and the fact that it is machine washable thanks to its plush fabric covering that is also very easy to remove.

The 5-point harness and adjustable recline are great features that will help accommodate a baby from newborn age up to 8months and with a maximum weight of 25pounds.

Compared to the other models on this list, this is the baby swing that you will use until the baby outgrows it and you can even pass it to the next baby because it will likely be in a great condition. Another great thing about this swing is that it is available in many themes to suit parent’s preferences.

There is the snugabunny themed one that we have reviewed above, there are also other themed ones but from this same model referred to as SnugapuppySnugabear, Snugakitty and My Little Lamb.

You can choose the theme that appeals to you most and enjoy all the other benefits that this fisher-price cradle and swing unit has to offer.


Even though you will use the baby swing for only a baby’s first year, keep in mind that that is the year that your baby needs soothing most. The swing will also give you an opportunity to rest because raising a baby on the first year is never easy for both baby and yourself.

As a new parent, you will experience the much-needed peace of mind while caring for your baby in the first year. That can be provided by a good baby swing and now that you know all there is to know about them, make the best purchase as you consider the factors that you have learned from the above review.