The Best Baby Jogger Glider Board Review in 2021

The Best Baby Jogger Glider Board Review in 2021

For the case your little one is mobile and doesn’t have to be in stroller all the time but isn’t still 100% stable and independent, maybe you should consider the Best Baby Jogger Glider Board. It will also save your life if you have two little children, one still in the stroller, but the other one that isn’t still stable enough to walk without support and you have to carry them in the same time. Baby Jogger Glider Board is also known as rider board, stroller platform or ride-on board.

It has a role of secure platform that can be a best friend to your little one when it gets tired during the walk. There are many different rider boards on the market and when you are a new parent without experience it isn’t easy to make the right choice. That is why we made this review that analyses all the advantages, disadvantages and things to consider so you could choose the Best Baby Jogger Glider Board.

The Best Baby Jogger Glider Board Review of 2016

Best Baby Jogger Glider Board review

Our rating:

Baby Jogger Glider Board will be reviewed in this article as it is one of the mostly used ride-on board offering variety of interesting features. This product is designed for children from 2 years old with a max weight of 45 lbs.

You can attach this stroller accessorize very easy to the rear axle of a single or double size Baby Jogger stroller and when you don’t need it, it can be flipped out of the way. The board can be clipped to the front of the stroller allowing you in that way to be in direct contact with your little one.

It comes with the adjustable stroller handle position and it is mostly kept in the highest position in order to enable the baby to view clearly what happens in front of it during the walk. Your kid will be able to hold the handle or the back of the stroller and what makes a real fun for most of its little fellows is to put their head through the handle.

Unfortunately, this is not a universal border so it is not compatible with all the strollers. When it comes to that, we can say that it works great with the City Select strollers, but if you try to combine it with some other stroller brands there can be issues. What we found out is that City Select is a popular stroller according to buyer reviews it is pretty good.

One of the problems that can cause hazards is that a baby can come face to face with the stroller handle. If you hit a big bump there is great possibility that a kid hit the handle while tipping forward, so for the case you want to use the board with strollers of other brands, pay attention if your kid is taller than stroller handle.

Things We Liked
  • It is very sturdy board.
  • The board can be easily attached to the rear axle of the stroller.
  • The surface isn’t slippery, so it is safe for the kid.
  • Direct contact with a kid.
  • You can store it easily when it is not in use.
Things We Didn't Like
  • It is not compatible with all the strollers.
  • Scarce adjustments for double strollers.
  • You can’t use it during the jogging.

Things to consider when choosing the stroller platform

There are some features that should be considered before you make the final decision. We prepared this list for you with the detailed explanation for each feature to help you really choose the Best Baby Jogger Glider Board.
These are the steps:
  • First thing you should consider is if the stroller platform is compatible with the stroller. In this way you will avoid having useless product at your home and wasted money.
  • Check if the board folds and if it is easy to remove. It can be very helpful when for storing.
  •  What child weight it can support. For the case you need a board for an older kid, bear on mind that it will soon exceed the weight limit so consider some long lasting board.
  •  Safety is also very important feature that should be one of the main criteria to choose the Best Baby Jogger Glider Board. That is why it is always good to check if the board is slippery. Another thing to be checked is that child is taller than a stroller handles when it stands on the board.
  • Before you buy any stroller platform consider that each one changes the way a single pram pushes because it makes the back wheels heavy. We want to warn you about this in order not to be surprised if the stroller start to act like a defective shopping trolley when a child leans out while looking around and making the buggy veer off in the leaning direction.
  • Don’t even think to use the board on hilly ground. It can support the going uphill, but there will be a problem when going down because the extra weight will be hard to hold back.


When you get the first child you don’t think in the future that maybe you will have soon another one and that you will need to carry them both. In that case you should consider a stroller board.

Before you make the final decision, you will have to consider some features like if the board is compatible with the stroller and if the max child’s weight that it can be supported. That will help you to choose the best Baby Jogger Glider Board.

The Glider board we chose for this review is sturdy and easy to be installed. Child’s safety is guaranteed with this model because it isn’t slippery.

The main disadvantage of this board is that it isn’t universal and works mostly with the City Select strollers, but it can be neglected in comparison to a price, advantages and the fact that a City Select stroller is by many reviews pretty good stroller.