5 Best Baby Heartbeat Monitors – 2018 Reviews and Top Picks

5 Best Baby Heartbeat Monitors – 2018 Reviews and Top Picks

5 Best Baby Heartbeat Monitors – 2018 Reviews and Top Picks
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(ThankYourBaby.com) – Many expectant parents worry about their unborn baby and will always seek that reassurance that their baby is alright. As much as pregnancy is an exciting and wonderful experience for the parents, it can also be a time ridden with mystery and great stress.

This is where the heartbeat monitor becomes very important. Many parents can reassure themselves multiple times of their unborn baby’s well-being.   With many such devices in the market to choose from, many parents wouldn’t know the best baby heartbeat monitor to buy.

Reviews of Top 5 Best Baby Heart Monitors in 2018

To help many mothers get the best from top brands, detailed below are the top 5 best baby heartbeat monitors along with informative additional tips to help you make the best purchase.

Most of these monitors are equipped with special features to help parents track various fetal noises such as the heartbeat, kicks and even hiccups. The 5 best are as follows:

 #1  Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor by Wusic

Our rating: 

It really does have amazing womb music as the name suggests and it is very effective without any complexities. A very easy-to-use heart monitor and it isn’t bulky either, making it convenient for travel.

However, for you to hear anything, you will have to be within quiet surroundings. In the end, your efforts to look for a quiet environment and listen to the heartbeat will pay off when you hear that strong insistent beat of your child alive and kicking.

  • Comes with lullaby audio track that can be personalized to include your baby’s name.
  • Detects baby sounds weeks earlier than indicated.
  • Features dual audio outputs allowing two people to listen together.
  • It detects the sounds consistently.
  • Lacks a display to indicate which sounds are which and how many have occurred.
  • It works better when used with gel and it doesn’t come with the gel, you have to buy it separately.
  • To get clearer sounds you have to be in very quiet surroundings.

 #2  FIGERM Baby Heartbeat Monitor

Our rating: 

This baby heart monitor indeed gives the mother that assurance that the baby is well. It is a little similar to Womb music and actually falls under the same price range but falls a little short when it comes to sensitivity.

This means that you have to get another pair of ear buds thanks to the two audio output jacks which allow dual listening. You will also have to wait up to 15weeks to hear a clear heartbeat.

It is advisable to move the monitor around your belly until when you find a spot where you can clearly hear the heartbeat. A lubricating gel will help a lot in preventing static from interfering with the sound of the baby’s heartbeat.

You can also connect the audio to your computer and record the sound which you can play for the baby when he is all grown up.

  • Has three working modes with an LCD display
  • It fits all headphones and contains one jack output for joined listening.
  • The audio can be connected to the computer or any device for recording.
  • A good sound quality compared to most units in the market.
  • You have to wait up to 15 weeks to hear the heartbeat.
  • You really have to find the right spot to hear the heartbeat.
  • The price is can be a lot for some buyers.

 #3  REFAGO BabyBlip Womb Baby Sound Amplifier With Dual Listening Capability

Our rating: 

All expectant mothers definitely love the sound of their babies before they are born and this device delivers exactly that. It comes up with amazing features to enable you to simply curl up and listen to the reassuring rhythms of a healthy baby on the way.

  • Come with a recording cable attachment to record the baby sounds to listen to later.
  • Contains indicator lights and user-friendly controls.
  • Dual audio output for both parents to listen.
  • Clean, crisp and static-free audio
  • Comes with gel
  • Requires gel for clear audios
  • Does not indicate the number of heartbeats, or kicks or hiccups.
  • Requires a special angle for best results

 #4  Bjingles Heartbeat Baby Monitor

Our rating: 

This heartbeat baby monitor managed to give parents that priceless feeling of being close to their unborn baby. It not only detects the heartbeat but also the hiccups, the tiny kicks, and other movements.

Your baby can also listen to beautiful soothing music which will calm them and make them less restless.

  • Contains access to the Bjingles App on an android device to allow the playing of beautiful music to the baby.
  • Very safe and non-invasive
  • Features a recording cable to enable you to record your baby’s sounds for playback later.
  • Features standard 3.5mm audio jacks to enable use with other devices.
  • Cheap quality headphones
  • Doesn’t last long, might stop working after continued use for a couple of weeks.
  • There is a lot of high-pitched noise that is definitely unpleasant when moving it around looking for the heartbeat.

 #5   SnuggBugg Prenatal/Fetal Heartbeat Baby Monitor

Our rating: 

You can connect with your unborn baby as early as 16 weeks thanks to this device. It comes with very useful instructions making it easy to use and makes the perfect gift for the mother-to-be.

  • Comes with a micro USB for connecting to the computer and recording the sounds
  • Comes with 2 pairs of microphones for dual listening
  • Very easy to use
  • Comes with an ultra-sonic listening gel
  • Lacks display for indication of the sounds
  • Only best for use during 16 weeks and above
  • Bad quality earphones.

Why Use A Baby heart Monitor

There are a few good reasons why you should use a baby heartbeat monitor when you are pregnant.

  1. Can Be Used Anytime At Home

Parents get excited when they attend their first pre-natal visit and get to hear their baby’s heartbeat. Now it gets better, because thanks to technology advancement, mothers can now listen to their baby’s sound anytime at home, using baby heart monitoring devices.

  1. The Much-Needed Reassurance

Even though they are not accurate as the doctor’s, the devices provide that much-needed reassurance especially for first-time mothers and mothers who have had problem pregnancies in the past. Nothing reassures like a good and strong baby heartbeat.

  1. A Unique Bonding Experience

Most mothers or couples also want to establish that special connection with their baby during fetal development and the heartbeats and other movements, help them feel bonded with their baby.

  1. No Negative Side Effects

No negative side effects that affect the baby have been noted with the use of baby heart monitors. Mothers can listen to their unborn baby sounds whenever they feel the need to without worrying about causing harm to the baby.

The Only Drawback

The only drawback with using a baby heartbeat monitor is that most of the technology used in the devices is not very advanced and it is therefore less accurate.  Parents can get alarmed and panicky when they fail to hear the heartbeat.

On the other hand, they might hear the heartbeat and assume that the baby is fine even amidst any obvious signs of fetal distress. For those reasons, expectant mothers are advised to never skip their ANC sessions for successful monitoring of baby development right up to the time of delivery.

Things To Look For When Choosing A Baby Heartbeat Monitor

Some things to look out for before buying your baby heartbeat monitor are as follows:

  1. Sensitivity

Remember that your baby heart monitor is useless without sensitivity to pick up the baby’s sounds. Also, keep in mind that there are those that are sensitive enough to pick up what you intend to listen to and those that are too sensitive that they end up creating many “false positives”.

However, most good baby heartbeat monitors have gotten the sensitivity aspect right. Steer clear of the very cheap ones because most of those tend to have sensitivity issues. Spend money on a good monitor with good sensitivity for best results.

  1. Display

Many of these devices lack competent displays but if you find one with a great display and a clear audio then it is definitely worth whatever you will pay for it. However, most great baby monitors are strictly audio with no display.

  1. Volume

Most of them hardly produce the sounds with a  solid volume unless one is in very quiet surroundings. If you are a mother who is always up and about, then it will be convenient to use a monitor that is recognized for it being louder than its counterparts from other brands or models.

  1. Size

Brands have dealt with the size issue in different ways. Some have designed ones with belts or straps to hold the device in place when in use.

Others have focused their energies on creating a design that is portable, allowing easy use and carrying. Whatever option you choose, remember that you will be carrying it when using it and it therefore has to be convenient. Make sure you choose what works best for you.

  1. The Price

The prices of these devices can range from $10 to thousands of dollars. The cheap ones are usually less accurate and stop working sooner. Consider your budget and note the features you want, then decide on the price range, before going for that affordable and efficient one.

  1. Type

There are medical grade devices or fetal stethoscope models out there that the doctors use, but you will definitely not be going for those. If you want something simple, with fewer bells and whistles, then simply go for the basic stethoscope for home use or any other basic monitoring device.

On the other hand, if you would rather fuss with technology, consider the many options in the market that come with special features.

  1. Warranty

There is nothing wrong with making sure you are protected in case the device is defective. You definitely don’t want to be stuck with a device that doesn’t work after having spent a fortune on it. The warranty will help protect your purchase so that you don’t feel like you are taking a risk.

  1. Additional Features

Many home- heartbeat monitoring devices are known to have amazing features. It is therefore up to you, to decide the features that you would love and those that you don’t need.

Whether you would love the built –in speakers,  LED monitor display, a rechargeable battery, the personalized lullaby music, the water-resistant aspect, the recording mechanism, the gel, the special belt or strap and so on; it’s entirely up to you to choose what will make your experience better.

When To Buy & How Often To Use

It is advisable to buy this device when your pregnancy is older than 14weeks. This is when the heartbeat is stronger and can be heard easily. Besides, with most models, a little practice is required before getting the full hang of it.

The health regulators in the United States have not prohibited the continuous use of this device. However, it is advisable not to use the device for more than ten minutes for one session.

Otherwise, only use it when you need to or when you feel concerned and attend all your clinic appointments until delivery.

How To Know Your Baby’s Heartbeat

The baby’s heartbeat is, of course, faster than your own, but sometimes your own heartbeat can get faster because of excitement and you might think it to be your baby’s.  The best way to tell your heartbeat from your baby’s is by simply calculating the heart beat rate(BPM).

Baby heartbeat ranges from 120-180bpm while adults will usually have 60-100 bpm. So if you can, calculate the beats per minute that you hear and if they are your own, keep trying until you finally hear your little one’s heartbeats.

Before You Buy…

Keep in mind that everyone is different. While for some the heartbeat monitors can work on their 8th week of pregnancy for others it might not. Most mothers claim to hear the heartbeat between the 15th and 16th week of their pregnancy.

However, there have been situations whereby heartbeats aren’t heard until the 5th month of pregnancy. It is important to be prepared for that in case you buy the device and upon using it, you are met with silence.

In such a case there is no need to panic, there could be a number of good reasons for that. Your baby could be positioned in a way preventing the heartbeat from being heard and besides, you aren’t the doctor and might not be positioning the device properly.

Before you declare it an emergency and run to your doctor, give it time and keep trying, besides, if all the other vital signs that the baby is alright exist, then you don’t need to worry at all. The heartbeat will definitely come.

The Best Baby Heartbeat Monitor

Now, we have a winner among the top 5 reviewed baby heartbeat monitors above. Considering many aspects, the Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor by Wusic comes top. This is the most reviewed baby heartbeat monitor considering all the features it has to offer.

Many parents love the lullabies that can be personalized to include the baby’s name and also it’s early heartbeat detection which works for pregnancies of as early as 8 weeks. This brand stands ahead of the others  both in quality and what it has to offer. The price is also affordable and the name?

Well, the name, womb music is just appropriate, because the unborn baby’s heartbeat is usually music to the parents’ ears!

Break The rules!

Who said you have to wait until your clinic appointments for you to check on your baby? Or wait until it is born for you to name it and sing lullabies. Get the much-needed peace of mind during your pregnancy and listen to your baby’s movements; most monitors are highly effective and recommended.

If you are recording the heartbeats and hiccups, just imagine how your unborn baby will feel when one day you play the sounds to them. When they become parents at some point, they will definitely treasure the recording and definitely feel proud to have you as their parent.

Break the rules and check on your baby whenever you want to as you eat healthy, exercise and just enjoy the feeling of that little heartbeat inside you.  When the baby is finally born, there will be no mystery because the baby will still feel the familiar comfort of your presence, thanks to the strong bond established back in the womb.