5 Best Baby Girl Bath Tubs: 2018 Reviews and Top Picks

5 Best Baby Girl Bath Tubs: 2018 Reviews and Top Picks

5 Best Baby Girl Bath Tubs: 2018 Reviews and Top Picks
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(ThankYourBaby.com) – Once upon a time babies had their bath in the kitchen sink. Today parents have their life much easier with foam or plastic tubs where they can prop floppy their newborns and also keep quiet those older, curious babies. Bathing a baby sounds cute and exciting but in practice often isn’t so. That is why a good bath tub can make this job much easier.

The market is full of different brands and choosing the right one isn’t an easy job. In this article we will focus on baby girls and help you to choose the best baby girl tub.

Most of the parents start having a headache when it comes a time for the first baby bath. That is why the right choice of baby bath tub is very important in order to provide a safe bathing. The right baby tub will help you make hygienic procedures joyful for your little one and easier for you in the same time.

Before we start with product reviews we will go with you through some basic questions that parents usually ask. We thought it would be good to give you those answers in order to help you find the best baby girl bath tub.

Is a bathtub necessary?

The kitchen sink isn’t a bad solution, but with baby bathtub you will be able to easier prop up and unstable baby. It is also better option to set on top of a kitchen counter for bath time than to bend over the tub. This job is especially hard for mothers recovering from delivery.

How long a bathtub should be used?

As many other baby staff, baby bath tub has also an age range. Let us explain that you don’t have to be afraid that your favorite baby girl bath tub will be outgrown for a short time. It should pass about 6 months that baby starts sitting well on its own to graduate to the big tub. That is why it will be normal decision to buy a baby bathtub that will be outgrown.

Reviews of Top 5 Best Baby Girl Bath Tubs

Now when you know the answers to the basic questions about baby bath tubs, let’s see what the best baby girl bath tubs are.

 #1  Fisher-Price Calming Waters Vibration Bathing Tub

Our rating: 

This tub is a safe and comfortable baby bathing accessory. A feature that makes this tub special is calming vibration generated when you are using a tub. The bath is comfortable and removable. There is an adjustable sling with the function to support the infant.

Thanks to its universal design this baby girl bath fits in both double and single sinks. There is also a drain plug providing easier empting and a secure hook for easy drying and storage. Comfort and safety is provided with a slip-proof base and a padded headrest.

  • Calming vibration.
  • Comfortable and removable.
  • Adjustable sling for infant support.
  • Fits in both double and single sinks.
  • A slip-proof base and a padded headset.
  • Center piece is not removable and collects a little mold.
  • The stopper is difficult to remove.
  • There are no appropriate cleaning instructions in manual.

 #2  Summer Infant Newborn to Toddler Bath Center & Shower, Pink

Our rating: 

This cute pink baby tub designed for girls is considered as a premium grade bath accessory. It is made of non-slip, durable, BPA-free polypropylene material. The product origin is USA. The tub has adjustable four-stage design that allows a tub to grow with a baby.

There is a sturdy build with rounded corners in order to provide added safety. This tub is easy to clean. It is stain, mold and mildew resistant. It also has a built in handle for easier storage and transport.

  • Non-slip, durable, BPA-free polypropylene material.
  • Adjustable four-stage design.
  • A sturdy build with round corners.
  • Built in handle for easier storage and transport.
  • When there is water it doesn’t leave enough room for the sling and baby.
  • A shower should be improved.
  • A spray attachment is little squirrely.

 #3  Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub

Our rating: 

In case you are travelling often with your baby girl, this tub could be a good option for you. This baby girl bath tub is functional and inflates and deflates easily. It is pretty durable and what we especially liked is a responsive water temperature indicator (hot dot) that becomes white when the water is too hot and it is blue when water has the appropriate temperature.

The tub has a smooth, comfortable body that cushions your little one while you are using it. In order to prevent slipping there is a textured bottom and a contoured headrest for support.

  • Convenient if you are often traveling with your baby girl.
  • It is durable.
  • This tube has a responsive water temperature indicator.
  • It is smooth and comfortable.
  • There is a textured bottom in order to prevent slipping.
  • The tub is little small.
  • Inflating and deflating takes time.
  • The duck’s head isn’t a nice back-rest.


 #4  4moms, Baby Bath Tub, White

Our rating: 

This is good bath tub for everyday use. It is an angelic-white baby girl bathtub that fits good in double and single sinks. The bath is durable with a color-coded temperature display and built-in digital thermometer in. In order not to cause baby skin irritation there are smooth corners and safety and comfort are provided thanks to quality long-lasting build. There is also a free cup for rinsing babies.

  • It fits in double and single sinks.
  • The tub is durable.
  • Smooth corners prevent baby skin irritation.
  • There is a free cup for rinsing babies.
  • It is little small.
  • The tub isn’t convenient for wiggling babies.
  • It should be better design considering the price.

 #5  Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling N Seat Tub, Multi color

Our rating: 

We have here a convertible four-stage baby bath center special because of the sit-me-up feature, a good thing for unsteady little sitters. The tub is durable with a space-saving, compact design. It can be stored conveniently out of sight. There is an integrated plug inn drain that makes emptying and cleaning easier.

The tub is safe for a baby and can be found at affordable price. It also contains a scoop bottle and a whale scoop.

  • Sit-me-up feature for unsteady baby.
  • Space-saving design.
  • An integrated plug in drain for easier emptying and cleaning.
  • Includes a scoop bottle and a whale scoop.
  • Affordable price.
  • The sling should be more durable.
  • It is little large and bulky.
  • The drain is hard to access when you want to let the water out.

Things to consider when choosing a baby tub

Before you make a final decision about the best baby girl bath tub let’s see what features should be considered to make the right choice. On the first place should always be safety and then the convenience. That is why manufacturers equip baby tubs with many additional features that will be described in this section.


Be aware that as for the other baby products, your child’s safety has to be always on the first place when making decision. In case you need a tub for a newborn, the tub should have a mesh sling that has a function to keep a baby above the water or to hold it in a semi-sitting position. On the other hand, if you need a tub for a toddler, the interior surface shouldn’t be slippery.

When it comes to bath tub rings, they need to have special suction pads for a secure fixation. It is also recommended that a baby bath tub has an embedded thermometer or a safety disk with the ability to change the color in case the water is too hot. That prevents a baby to get burnt. Bear in mind that optimal water temperature is about 90º-100ºF. We also have to add that thermometers are very useful but it is always good to check water yourself before bathing a baby.

Sink inserts

Sink inserts have to be flexible and molds must fit kitchen and bath sink. It is also important that caregiver has a comfort while standing at sink while bathing a baby.

Baby comfort

Each baby tub should have curves and soft edges in order to provide a baby more comfort. Your little one will feel more comfortable and safe with rounded tub. From your angle, the bath experience will be less frightening.

A tub that grows with your baby

It is good to choose a tube that can be used for newborns and for older babies as well. You can find on the market tubs with an insert to lay a newborn on, and when it grow up you can remove it and make more space for the child.

Tub incline

It is good that a tub has an incline. You should choose a tub with a gentle incline able to support a baby in a right position when lying in it.

Easy storage

There can be found on the market baby tubs with a hook with a function to hang a bath on a wall when you are done. Other option is to attach the suction cup to the inside of the tub and then hang it up to drain. You can also find on the market folding baby bath tubs that you can easily put to closet.

Easy to drain

If a baby tub has a drain tub, draining water will be much easier on your tired arms. This feature can be very useful when a baby bath is over the sink or the adult tub.

“Bath sponge”

It is good to use a “bath sponge” in the grown up tub. You can buy very handy bath sponges cut out in the shape of a baby. You can place them in regular tubs in order to keep the baby safe and comfortable. When bathing is done all you have to do is squeeze them out and hang them to dry.

Type of baby bath

You shouldn’t neglect the type of baby bath and installation before purchasing it.

Standard baby bath tubs

Standard baby bath tub is mainly used for bathing a baby. This type has a variety of different size options. The smallest tubs can be even put into the sink. Most of these tubs contain a mesh or cloth sling in order to keep a baby above the water. You can also find some models that enable parents to keep babies in slightly vertical position.

Convertible baby tubs

It is great if a baby tub is convertible because it has a lot of adjustable removable elements like a mesh sling or a removable baby bath tub seat. In that way you can adjust a baby tub to fit newborns and toddlers as well. Thanks to this feature you will be also able to use a baby tub not only in a standard bath but also in the kitchen sink which is a great plus to this feature.

Foldable or inflatable baby tubs

A good option for small bathrooms can be foldable or inflatable bath tubs because you can fold them to save the space. These models are also convenient for travelling.

Baby tubs with sitting option

Baby tubs with this feature can be a good solution for babies who are able to sit but also need an extra support.

Luxury baby tubs

As their name say, luxury tubs are the most expensive models. They can be called “SPA salon centers for children” containing numerous features: handheld shower, a water stream system, etc.

 Place of use

Most of baby tubs can be installed on different surfaces like sinks, standard adult baths, floors or tabletops. Wherever you put a baby tub don’t forget that you child must be always in your field of view.

At the end, we always recommend not to buy these items on sale or second hand stores because you can’t be sure if they have been recalled.


Choosing a baby bath isn’t easy job at all and the right one will definitely make your life much easier. In this article we focused on choosing the best baby girl bath tub, but features you should consider before buying it can be also applied for baby boy bath tubs. On the first place is safety and then comfort. In order to make comfort for you and your little one, companies include additional features like: sink inserts, tub incline, easy storage, soft edges and curves, etc.

Considering these features our choice will be definitely Fisher-Price Calming Waters Vibration Bathing Tub. It is safe and comfortable with a great calming vibration while you are using a tub. It also has an adjustable sling to support the infant. Thanks to universal design this baby girl tub can fit both the double and single sinks. In order to save the space and make drying easier there is a secure hook. It has a slip-proof base and a padded headrest.

No matter what product you choose please try avoid to buy it on sales and second hand stores because there is always possibility they have been recalled.