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Your home might appear safe to you the adult because you know where to go, what is what, and the dangerous areas where you need to tread carefully.  You will hardly do anything that poses danger to yourself because you know better. You can hardly hit your head, wander into the kitchen and set it on fire or brea [...]
( - You probably felt nervous bathing your baby for the first time, with them being all soft-skinned and slippery and with you having to support them so they don’t fall in the water. It can be quite nerve-wracking for inexperienced parents. Establishing the right time to bathe your baby could [...]
( - Keeping your child safe should be your priority as a parent. As you keep all the harmful items away from the reach of your baby, ensure that the home environment is also clean and safe for your toddler to crawl and walk around, you are carrying out your duty as a parent to the full. It is [...]
When it comes to children’s safety at your home, windows can be one of the dangers because they attract children with exciting view about all the things happening outside the house. It’s not about just a little injure, but it can put your baby’s life in danger. According to some American statistics, over the la [...]
Summer is almost there and that means we will cope with high temperatures. For the adults that shouldn’t be problem, but what about the babies? Older kids can communicate if they are too hot, but the little ones unfortunately can’t. It can be a real problem, especially when they are in a car seat. That is why w [...]
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