5 Best Baby Co-Sleeper Attaches To Bed Reviews

5 Best Baby Co-Sleeper Attaches To Bed Reviews

5 Best Baby Co-Sleeper Attaches To Bed Reviews
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(www.ThankYourBabby.com) – Best baby co-sleeper attaches to bed: Sleeping on the back and close to you is recommended for the children up to six months old. In this way there is reduced the risk of the infant death syndrome called cot death or SIDS that can happen because of the accidental suffocation when parents put a baby to sleep with them in the same bed.

One more disadvantage of sleeping with a baby in the same bed is a bed sleep because you can’t relax thinking will you hurt your baby when you fall asleep. In case you want to keep your little one close to you, but in the same time on the safe distance during the sleep, you should consider buying a co-sleeper. In this article we will explain in more details what types of co-sleepers are available on the market, cons and the list of the best co-sleeper attaches to bed.

Before we start with the product reviews, we think it would be good to explain in detail what the co-sleepers are, what their function is and what features you should consider before deciding what the best co-sleeper attaches to bed for you is.

Types of Baby Co-Sleepers

Besides a co-sleeper attach to bed, there is one more type of co-sleeper: a bed sharing co-sleeper. We will meet you with the main characteristics of both of them just to help you make comparison and have a clear image about them.

Co-sleeper Attach to Bed

A co-sleeper attach to bed is a type of crib you can put next to your bed and have your baby close-by but on a separate cot. In comparison to ordinary cribs, co-sleeper attaches to bed are cheaper, smaller and lighter.

There are two types of co-sleeper attach to bed:

  • Flexible Bassinet – this bassinet is standalone type that allows you to easily access to a baby. In comparison to a common bassinet that requires to sit up to tend a baby, thanks to flexible sides, this bassinet allows you to easily access your baby providing the safety in the same time.
  • Three Sided Bassinet – This type is similar more similar to a common crib with only difference of having three sides. The function of the missing side is to attach it to the bad and make the co-sleeper a part of your bed. The thing you should pay attention to is to check if the co-sleeper is safely attached with minimum gaps between it and the bed.

Bed Sharing Co-sleeper

As its name says, this second co-sleeper type is designed for bed sharing with a baby. Its main function is to decrease the risk to roll onto your little one while you are sleeping and to provide the space for your baby in bed. There are two types of bed sharing co-sleepers:

Contoured – This co-sleeper is contoured around the baby like a large pillow and protects it thanks to raised edges. If you are looking a model convenient for breastfeeding then maybe you should consider this one.

 Framed – It has a framed support within the fixed area and provides stability and makes you uncomfortable if you try to roll into it by accident. The other side of the medal is that it requires a lot of space in bed.

What features should be considered when choosing the best co-sleeper attach to bed

Before you make the final decision about the co-sleeper attach to bed we recommend you to pay attention to following features.


The child’s safety must be on the first place. That is why we put this feature as a priority when choosing the co-sleeper. Fancy gadgets are nice thing, but don’t put the looking before the safety because it can result in serious injuries. Always check if the co-sleeper is conformed to ASTM Safety Standards.

All bedside sleepers need to conform to ASTM Child Safety Standards.

Age Range

You can buy the same co-sleeper for a newborn and an older baby. Majority co-sleepers are convenient for newborns during the first few months of their lives. You should consider this fact if you are not ready to buy something that will be soon unusable.

When it comes to older babies, there are some co-sleepers that you can use for longer periods. They can have multiple uses like tummy time support or playpens, but they are more expensive than common co-sleepers.


For the case you are going to use the co-sleeper frequently including a nap time then you will need the one that will be durable. In that case we recommend you to choose highly quality co-sleeper convenient for the home usage and for travel as well.

If you need a co-sleeper to use it occasionally, like for traveling purposes or short visits, it isn’t worth to spend much money. Our advice is to choose then some portable, easy to assemble, lightweight co-sleeper.

Ease of Use

The co-sleeper must be designed in a way to make your life easier, especially after birth when you need in the middle of the night to take a baby to calm it or feed it.

Set Up

Analyze how easy to set the co-sleeper up is. There are some models that allow you to adjust them as your baby grows but consider you will need extra tools and that requires extra costs.


This is important for bed sharing co-sleepers. Most of them are quite bulky to allow baby enough space. For those with queen-sized beds you may struggle with room to sleep if either parent is on the larger side. For side sleepers, consider how much room you have available at the side of the bed. Will it be easy for you to get in and out of the bed without too much maneuvering?


If you want to provide safety and the decent quality for the co-sleeper, you should know that you can’t get it under $40. The price of co-sleepers varies from $40-$500 depending on the features you need. Our recommendation is to always have baby’s safety and health on your mind before the price.

Second Hand

Yes, you can save your money choosing buying a used co-sleeper, but in that case always make sure it isn’t recalled by the manufacturer. Our recommendation is to buy at least a new mattress for a baby and to make an Internet research and check if there are any structural faults that could be dangerous for your baby.


There will surely be situations when you won’t use the co-sleeper and will need to store it somewhere. Folding style co-sleepers are always convenient for place saving.


When it comes to comfort, you should pay attention to details you would mind when choosing a bed for you, in order to make sleeping environment for your baby comfortable.


The most recommended are firm mattresses as they can help your little one to have a good sleeping position. If you are thinking about the waterproof mattresses consider that it can make a little noise when a baby moves around.


You can find on the market co-sleeper models that provide a slight incline in order to ease the discomfort of reflux of colic. The bad side is that there is a risk for a baby to slip under the blanket. If you decide yourself for these models you will have to fully supervise your kid.


As your baby grows it will need different co-sleeper size. When it is newborn it will be more comfortable with a snug space that gives it the feeling to be in a womb. As it grows it will need the ability to stretch and kick and have a larger place for that. That is why is good to consider a sleeper with the adjustable length.

5 Best Co-sleeper Attaches to Bed Reviews

We prepared for you the list of the top 5 co-sleeper considering the results of our research and tests.

 #1  HALO Bassinet

Image 3: Best baby co-sleeper attaches to bed review

The main characteristics of this model are convenience and safety. What makes it different from the previous two models is a premier range for vibration and music that can help you to soothe baby back to sleep. The integrated nightlight can be of great help when taking carry of your little one during the night.

One more thing different from the previous models is the spring-loaded side that can you can lower when leaning on it. Thanks to this option you can access your baby easily with the weight of your arms. 360⁰ swivel allows you to bring the baby closer to you or push away so you can get out of the bed.

This model could be especially convenient for women that had a C-section. There is a space for a baby with an ultimate control for a mother in the same time. That can help a mom to have less pain while tending to a baby.

The same co-sleeper it also has a waterproof, fitted, machine washable, 100% polyester coordinating fitted sheet that covers the provided wipe clean mattress. There is also possibility to buy the sheets to change them between washes.

It can be a good solution to tall beds because of the adjustable height from 22” to 34”.  There is also a full rotation that can help you to easily get on and off the bed without letting the co-sleeper block your way. You can save the space because of the stable four point base that has one half positioned under the bed.

During the test of this product we noticed that the side that pulls down is little hard. For the case you notice this too, we recommend you to try to bring it up and down several times in order to loosen its grip and make it easier to maneuver.

The Soothing Center works with 3 AA batteries that aren’t included with the bassinet. Reading the reviews about this product we came up to reports that the vibration mode started showing problems after a few months of usage. It can happen because of the used-up batteries but if you don’t resolve the problem our advice is to contact the seller for the replacement.

The product is JPMA certified and meets all U.S. CPSC and Health Canada safety standards for bassinets.

Things We Liked
  • The Soothing Center with different vibrations and music.
  • Nightlight for taking care of a baby during the night.
  • Spring-loaded side easy to be lowered.
  • JPMA certification and accordance with the U.S. CPSC and Health Canada safety standards.
Things We Didn't Like
  • It has higher price in comparison to other models.
  • There is lack in portability.
  • 3 AA batteries for The Soothing Center aren’t included.

 #2  Arm’s Reach Concepts Clear Vue

Image 2: Best baby co-sleeper attaches to bed review

This co-sleeper can be a good solution to those parents who have to save the space. It has the ability to be moved and is especially convenient if you want your baby to take a nap in the living room during the day and then to co-sleep in the bedroom at night.

It’s if you want a bassinet that allows baby daytime naps in the living room and then co-sleep in the bedroom at night.

Thanks to the dropped side and storage basket you will be provided a minimal bending for sore abdomen when you need to tend a baby at night.

The same as the previous model, you can use this one as a co-sleeper but also as a freestanding bassinet for the case you find the set-up isn’t working for your family. The good thing is there will be no disruption the whole bad when your little one wakes up. All you have to do is lean over to tend it or easily pull a kid into the bed to feed it.

This model can be also used as a handy storage unit to keep diapering or feeding equipment and access it easily during the night.

There is also an inbuilt mattress attached to the base with velcro. The co-sleeper also includes a fitted sheet, but regardless of that, you will have to buy more change supplies. The mattress is waterproof and you can easily wash the sheets.

When it comes to safety, there is an anchor plate that has a function to make the bassinet flush with a parent’s bed. Thanks to the extendable legs you can adjust the co-sleeper to the same height as your mattress. It can be adjusted between 24″ and 30″ in 2″ increments.

The bad thing is that it isn’t so portable.

The legs have four castor wheels providing the option to lock the co-sleeper for stability. There are also mesh panels on all four sides that allow your baby to breath and push up against the edge and allow you to see your baby from any angle.

According to reviews, this is the most used model in the USA.

Things We Liked
  • It can be used as a co-sleeper, regular bassinet and a storage unit.
  • There are adjustable legs with extensions.
  • It is convenient for small rooms.
  • There is a JPMA certification and the ASTM conformity for it as well.
Things We Didn't Like
  • The mattress could be organic and softer.
  • There is a lack in portability.
  • A little barrier 4 inches high remains when you roll down the co-sleeper’s side attached to bed.

 #3  Arm’s Reach Concepts Co-Sleeper Bassinet Mini Arc

Image 1: Best baby co-sleeper attaches to bed review

This model is portable and convenient for quickly folding into a nylon carrying case (10″ x 10″ x 32 that comes with the co-sleeper. It can be used as a free standing bassinet, but also as a co-sleeper thanks to one side that can be rolled down to attach it to your bed. You will be able to move it thanks to integrated wheels and be comfortable if you are a nursing mom.

It is truth that it is pretty easy to fold up but is tricky to understand how the things go for the first time because the buttons that you must press to fold it are little hard and hidden under the fabric linings.

For safety reasons we must warn you there is defined the order for setting up and take down the co-sleeper. When you want to set it up you must firstly lock the top bars and then the bottom. When you want to take it down you should firstly release the bottom bars and then the top ones.

This co-sleeper fits to bed heights from 24”. We came to this value measuring from the floor to the top of the adult’s mattress. Thanks to its lightness in weight in can be convenient for the small spaced rooms and houses. It is also pretty easy to assemble and to be packed for travelling.

There are no built-in leg extensions, so if your bed is greater than 24″ tall, you will have to buy a leg extension kit additionally.

It comes with a mattress and a fitted sheet. There are four see-through and breathable mesh sides so you will have a view on your baby and it will be comfortable with the air circulation.

When your baby outgrows it, you could use it as a changing table thanks to the attached storage compartments. There is a storage tray and one pocket on both sides.

Regarding to child’s safety, it is JPMA certified co-sleeper and confirmed with ASTM standards.

Things We Liked
  • You can use it as a free standing bassinet, a co-sleeper and a changing table.
  • Convenient for nursing moms.
  • A good solution to small rooms.
  • Contains four see-through and breathable mesh sides.
  • It is JPMA certified.
  • It is designed in 7 different colors: Natural, Turquoise Geo, Toffee, Toffee Stripe, Chevron, Java Dot and Damask.
Things We Didn't Like
  • There are no built-in extensions for the beds higher than 24”.
  • It is tricky for understanding how it folds up.
  • It is little complicated for setting it up and turn it off.

 #4  Chicco Next2me

Image 4: Best baby co-sleeper attaches to bed review

The co-sleeper contains an upper body with a mesh, a mattress and comes with a carry-bag in order to help you pack it for a trip. It has separate legs and feet with wheels but according to our test, they aren’t so easy to move.

We needed 8 to 10 minutes to figure out how to set it up and 10 minutes more to do it, so we can’t say it is easy to be done. What we noticed is that moving parts are stiff and that the instructions weren’t very clear when it comes to certain struts that must be passed through canvas holes and not over them.

It is pretty sturdy and whether you have a divan or an iron-framed bed, the ends of the legs can fold back and when it comes to strap, it is long enough for going all the way around. You can choose between 6 different height positions so it can be adjusted to almost any bed height.

When it comes to baby’s comfort, let’s say that mattress in acceptable, but nothing special and by our opinion you should buy something better for your baby.

Things We Liked
  • It is easy adjustable with 6 different heights.
  • There is a semi-recline position.
  • It can be used as a travel cot.
  • Regarding to price it has acceptable quality.
Things We Didn't Like
  • It is hard to set up.
  • The instructions aren’t clear.
  • It is little hard to move it regardless of contained wheels.

 #5  Geuther Aladdin Co-sleeper

This co-sleeper is suitable for babies up to 9kg weight. It has a nice, European design.

Like first three models from our list of the top 5 co-sleeper attaches to bed, this one can be also converted into a traditional crib. It is convenient for mothers that had a C-section and for breastfeeding during the night.

It is easy to set up and comes with castors allowing you to wheel it into position and drag it to another room.  There is a side panel that can be dropped down in order to close the gap between you and a baby.

There is a very comfortable, hypo-allergenic mattress (45 x 90cm) that provides protection against Eczema and Asthma.

We had to make additional effort while we were putting the side down and rising it up, so you can’t do it when your baby is sleeping.

The thing you should pay attention to when deciding yourself for this model is that it can be suitable only until your baby reaches 9kg, and that you will have an additional cost of buying a new co-sleeper. When your baby starts to wiggle, there will be a big chance that it succeeds to reach your bad.

Things We Liked
  • It has a stylish and clean design.
  • You can convert it to a standalone crib.
  • It is convenient for mothers that had a C-section.
  • The co-sleeper comes with comfortable mattress.
  • You can buy it at affordable price.
Things We Didn't Like
  • It is designed only for babies up to 9 kg.
  • Not convenient for wiggling babies.
  • You can’t raise and put the side down easily. Side doesn’t come off and go on easily so can’t do it when baby is sleeping

Advantages and disadvantages of co-sleeping

Let’s see for the end what the good and bed sides of the co-sleeping are.


One of the main reasons for which parents decide on co-sleepers is nursing.

It is proven that babies who sleep with their moms are more likely to be nursed and are nursed more often than babies who sleep alone. Co-sleepers help you react quickly and easily when your baby asks to be nursed. Mothers who nurse and share bed with their newborns are able to nurse for longer period.

Co-sleeper attaches to bed are also convenient for mothers that had C-sections because it requires minimal movement and less maneuvering of the tender abdomen.

The other advantage of breastfeeding is to protect your baby from SIDS. The risk of SIDS is always increased when you doze off during the nursing on armchair or sofa. This definitely isn’t worth of risk. If you know in advance that you will fall asleep with your baby, we recommend you to choose a safer way for co-sleeping with a baby in a bedroom.

With co-sleeper you won’t have to worry about it in case your follow the guidelines on safe co-sleeping and don’t use cigars, medications that make you sleepy and alcohol.

Thanks to co-sleeping you can spend more time close to your little one and provide joy for both of you. By some researches spending more time with a newborn creates a stronger bond between you and a child.

Modern co-sleepers allow you to have extra soothing features like music, vibration modes and white noise. They are very effective and can make your baby fall asleep easier.

You can also find on the market co-sleepers convenient for the newborn twins to sleep together. Those babies are usually lower in weight than singletons. As the twins grow you will have to buy and additional co-sleeper or make some kind of transition to the different sleep area in order to provide safety.

Having a baby close to you will allow you to check and touch it more often during the night. In that way you will be able to notice on time if it is something wrong with a baby, and react quicker than you would for the case you keep your baby in common crib.


One of the greatest disadvantages of co-sleepers is a fact that you can use it for a short period, for the first few months of baby’s life. The usual time limit is when your little one becomes able to roll over itself. For the case you have a limited budget for baby things, and aren’t ready to invest into something you will use for a short time, you should definitely consider this.

Even if SIDS is minimal with co-sleepers, there is possibility to come to that in case you or your partner:

  • Are taking any kind of drugs or medications that can make you sleepy.
  • Are drinking alcohol.
  • Smoking or using e-cigarettes, even if you don’t use them in bed at home.

For the case you have a squirming, kicking, wriggling baby, you will need more time to get it used to co-sleeper. On the other hand, when you finally get it used to sleep with you, there is possibility to have problems when you have to leave it with some other person.

You also can’t neglect the fact that making eventual transition from your bed to your baby’s crib can last long, drawn out process. That varies from baby to baby and depends on how long it sleeps with you.

One more, bad side of co-sleeping with a baby is an influence to your sexual life. For the most of parents the idea to have a sex during a co-sleeping doesn’t sound convenient. Most of them feel pretty uncomfortable. But this shouldn’t be a big deal. If you share your opinion with them, you will have to make a compromise and to find places and ways to maintain your sexual life.

Whether you’re co-sleeping or putting your baby to sleep in a cot, find out how to create a safe sleeping environment.


So, what is the winner from our list of the best co-sleeper attaches to bed?

Making decision where you will keep your baby can have a considerable impact on your family.  The child’s safety must be on the first place. If you have the option to soothe it and provide it comfortable environment, that would be great.

All these features are contained in Halo Bassinet. The downside is a higher price in comparison to other models, but considering the features that it offers and negligible disadvantages it is worth of buying it.

Our choice doesn’t mean we are right, this is just our opinion based on the results of our tests. The main thing that will help you choose the most suitable co-sleeper attach to bed is to know what features you should consider when buying it. We hope we provided you enough information with this guide and wish sweet dreams to you and your baby!